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Set Up Gifting Options with Square Online

Note: Using item gift options requires an upgrade on your Square Online site.

Enabling gift options allows your customers to indicate that an item they’re purchasing is intended to be a gift. Buyers can include a message to the recipient that displays on the shipping invoice, along with return or exchange instructions. You can also offer gift wrapping with an optional added fee.

Enable Gift Options for Site Items

To enable item gifting options in Square Online:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Items > Item Preferences or Shared Settings > Item Preferences.

  2. Under ‘Gift options’, select Set up.

  3. To offer a gift-wrapping service, select the Gift wrap toggle.

  4. Enter a customer-facing label and description, and add a price if you wish to charge a fee. Select Continue.

  5. Choose to apply gifting to all items or only some items. If you choose some items, use the tick boxes to choose which items will have gifting options.

  6. Select Apply to save your changes.

Note: Only physical and food & beverage item types support gifting.

Set Up Return or Exchange Policies

Be sure you’ve set up a refund policy in your Square Online checkout settings.

Customer Experience


Customers shopping on your website will see the gift options you set up when viewing an item that allows gifting. Any gift options the buyer selected will display in the shopping cart and on the email confirmation. The receipt print-out for shipped orders shows the buyer’s message and your return policy but won’t include prices.

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