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Square for Restaurants on Square Register

You are able to use Square for Restaurants Free directly from your Square Register and take advantage of Restaurant Free features.

Before you get started – if this is your first time using the Square Register and you’ve already set it up, make sure to check by tapping Utilities > Settings > Hardware > General > About Register > Software Update.

Sign In

You can sign in to Square for Restaurants Free on Square Register by:

  • Email and Password: Sign in using your email and password, or

  • Device Code: You can create a device code from your online Square Dashboard. Once you have created a Restaurant device code, sign in by tapping Device Code in the top corner of the Register screen.

    • Note: A device code can only be used on a single device – so if you have multiple devices at a location, create a unique code for each device accessing the Restaurants POS app. Once you create a device code, you can sign in and start taking orders.

After you’ve logged in to Square Register, you can start taking payments.

If you have already been accepting payments on Square Register using Square Point of Sale, simply sign out of each device and sign in with a Restaurants device code.



The keypad widget is a quick tool to add custom amounts to an order, adjust the quantities of items or to use as a calculator.

Restaurants Feature Availability on Register

All Restaurants Plus features are available on Square Register except for reopening bills and dark mode. You can compare the features between Square Point of Sale, the Square for Restaurants Free Plan and Plus Plan on the available chart for Square for Restaurants Free.

Restaurants on Register FAQ

How do I log in to Square for Restaurants on my Square Register?

If you’d like to log in using a device code, make sure you select Restaurants when creating your device. Settings are adjusted via your Square Dashboard device code and are not adjusted on the point of sale.

What does the keypad do?

With Square for Restaurants on Register, we’ve added a left hand keypad. You can easily add custom amounts, item quantities or use it as a calculator. This keypad cannot be disabled.

Where do I set up hardware?

On Square Register, select Utilities > Settings > Hardware to adjust settings like network, Bluetooth, general, customer display, main display, sounds and accessibility. You can also manage settings for third-party hardware, like barcode scanners, cash drawers and printers.

Where do I find reports?

Sales Reports can be found by tapping Utilities along the bottom bar in Square Register.

Does using Register add to my Square for Restaurants monthly subscription fees?

Yes, as your Square Register does count as one device. Keep in mind that Register only supports Free POS features at this time. If you are subscribed to Square for Restaurants Plus and using Square Register, you will be charged per device. Check out Square for Restaurants Pricing to learn more.

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