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What is an account takeover?

An account takeover happens when a hacker logs into your Square account and uses it to commit fraud. To do this, they only need access to your email address and password.

Stop and think: is your Square password the same as your email, bank or an online shopping account? If so, and any of those systems are breached, your Square account is immediately accessible.

Fraudsters will also target you with phishing emails that attempt to trick you into giving up your credentials to what looks like a trusted source.

Additionally, anyone can guess simple, common password combinations. Steer clear of number series (12345), your birthday and “password.”

Account takeovers can result in chargebacks and lost sales, and present a reputation risk if the hackers pose as your business.

Keep your business safe by making sure your Square password is secure and unique. Be on the lookout for phishing emails, and remember to report any suspicious or unauthorised activity right away.

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