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Customise Modifiers for Order Entry

Learn how to customise your item modifiers for order entry. Before getting started, make sure you:

Note: You must be using the most recent version of the Square app to customise item modifiers for order entry.

Set Up Customised Modifiers 

To customise modifiers:

  1. Select an item to view its details.

  2. Choose a modifier set by clicking Customise.

  3. Determine the number of modifiers. Choose how many modifiers can be selected for an order by clicking the arrows next to Required Modifiers and Maximum Modifiers.

  4. Pre-select modifiers: Automatically apply specific modifiers to an item each time it’s added to a sale. Select an item’s default modifiers by ticking the box next to Pre-Selected.

  5. Hide modifiers from your customers: Hide modifiers from customer receipts by ticking the box next to “Hide modifiers from customer.” These modifiers will appear on order tickets for your kitchen, but not on printed or digital receipts.

  6. Apply your rules to other items: To quickly apply Required, Maximum, Pre-selected or Hidden modifier settings to other items in your library, click Apply This Configuration to Other Items, select item(s) from your library and click Assign Items.

  7. Click Save.

Tips for Customising Item Modifiers

  • To make sure your customers can only select one option from an item’s modifier set, set the Required Modifiers to 1 and Maximum Modifiers to 1.

  • Apply customised modifiers to all related items in your library, such as sandwiches that share the same modifier sets and customisation options.

  • When editing items and modifiers, you can opt to Skip the detail screen in Point of Sale. The item will be added to the cart with any pre-selected modifier options selected and the details screen will not be shown.

Use Customised Modifiers in the Square App

Take a look at the following example to see how customised modifiers work in the Square app.

Customised Modifiers
  • Cream Cheese: For this modifier set, Required Modifiers and Maximum Modifiers are both set to 1. The cashier can only select one cream cheese option for the Sesame Bagel item.

  • Bagel Toppings: The first four modifier options (Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and Lox), are marked as Pre-selected in the Square Dashboard so the cashier automatically sees these options when selecting the Sesame Bagel item. The cashier can make any adjustments to the order, or tap Save to add the item to the cart.

Mark Modifiers as Sold Out

When a modifier sells out, you can update its status to indicate such. This sold out status will be reflected on your online store, thus maximising omnichannel sales based on available inventory while minimising accidental oversells. Other channels in which this status may appear include Square Restaurants Point of Sale (POS), online Dashboard, Square POS app and online Checkout Links.

Learn more about editing items and modifiers and marking them as sold out.

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