Top 3 Marketing Strategy Tips for Your Small Business

Whether your small business is developed but needs some rejuvenation or you have just begun working on your start-up, the right marketing strategy can grow your business to new heights. While developing marketing campaigns or practicing the right marketing tactics may seem challenging at first, these tips are essential for the survival of your business.

Expand your business and grow your platform with these helpful marketing tips and tricks.

1. Take Your Brick-and-Mortar Location Online

Taking your small business online with a digital marketplace can grow your business significantly and allows numerous opportunities for marketing. Square and Weebly make this easy with their accessible POS system and merchant processing tools that can easily accept payments both online and in-person. A digital storefront for your business can grow your company exponentially and introduce a much wider audience to your products.

By keeping track of the purchase histories of your customers with the right POS system, you can make informed choices for which products would be the best to display online. When you know your bestselling products, you can direct your marketing tactics around these items and plan promotions accordingly. Then, when it comes time for customers to buy their items, sending online invoices can even make it easier for customers to track their purchases and pay for their products with the method of their choosing.

2. Build Up Your Social Media Presence

Growing your presence on social media is an affordable way to attract potential customers to your business. According to, in 2017 the number of social network users in Canada amounted to 22.69 million. Creative marketing campaigns across various social media platforms can get more people interested in your products or services and attract a much larger audience. Exciting new promotions that you advertise online can even encourage visitors to check out your website or stop by your physical location.

For example, a fun Facebook post about how a gift card for your business is a great choice of present for any birthday or holiday could introduce new customers to your business and quickly boost sales. Seasonal promotions are made easy with social media apps. A solid social media marketing strategy and successful marketing campaigns can add exponential traffic to your business and allow you to make more sales quickly and efficiently.

3. Use App Marketplace Integration Tools to Your Advantage

The right analytical tools make it easy for you to track every aspect of your business. This is especially true for marketing campaigns. If you are paying for an ad campaign, you need to have a way of tracking your sales easily and quickly. If all of this information is spread out across multiple apps or platforms, it can be difficult to stay on top of all of the helpful information analytics and customer purchases histories can provide.

Using an app marketplace integration program that allows you to easily sync all of your apps to one location means that all of the information you need to successfully run your business is available at your fingertips. An app marketplace integration program makes it easy to target your marketing and remember vital information about your customers. This will guide your marketing in the future and help make sure you are always targeting the right audiences throughout your campaigns.

Your business is your passion and you deserve to share this passion with a wider audience. The right marketing strategies and digital tools can not only help you grow your business, but create a meaningful online footprint that targets the widest audience possible.

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