Start Accepting Order Ahead Food Orders With Ritual - Now Integrated With Square

Square and Ritual integration

As the food industry continues to adapt to the way that customers are ordering, Ritual has partnered with Square to provide a great opportunity for your business to reach new customers and allow them to order ahead for contactless pickup of takeaway orders. Unlike other food ordering partners, Ritual allows users to focus on pickup in their area from local businesses rather than delivery.

What is Ritual?

Ritual is a popular order-ahead food app which allows restaurants, cafes and other food outlets to list their menu to app-users who can then pick up takeaway orders at their nearby local businesses. Customers can order in seconds, and earn points with local businesses towards rewards through the app.

How does Ritual integrate with Square?

Sellers can now receive orders through the Ritual app and integrate it directly with your Square POS - with no added hardware setup required. This means that you won’t require more tablets for your setup and orders will be easier to track from a single device.

As your menu and opening hours are accessible directly from your Square account, setup only takes minutes, so you can start receiving orders from Ritual quickly. You can also receive a link to Instagram Food Orders through your Instagram account and Instagram Stories through Ritual, directly to the Square POS.

Online food orders

What is the benefit to small businesses?

Ritual allows you to reach a new audience of local customers for pickup takeaway orders that will arrive in your Square Order Manager in the same way as other partners. There’s no additional hardware, setup fees or menus to create, so you can get setup in minutes!

Unlike delivery partners like Uber Eats and Deliveroo, Ritual focuses on in-store pickup orders rather than providing delivery couriers. Sellers pay a commission on orders at a much lower rate than delivery partners generally. It’s easy to use Ritual in addition to your existing delivery partners to tap into a new channel to accept orders.

Plus, we have a special offer for Square Sellers who are new to Ritual in 2020 - you can receive all orders for only 1% in commission compared to the standard rate. From 1 January 2021 onwards, the standard commission rate will apply. Please note that this promotion is only available to Sellers that are new to Ritual - Sellers that are already using Ritual and activate the Square integration will maintain their existing commission rates.

Ready to get started with Ritual? Visit our App Marketplace and click the ‘Get Started’ link to get set up in minutes.