Honouring Dad is a big deal — and big business. The average Canadian spends $136 on Father’s Day. Help your customers celebrate their dads and freshen up your marketing strategy with these new, fun ideas.

father and daughter

Stock gifts for all kinds of dads.

Most Father’s Day gift ideas assume that all dads wear ties, play golf, watch sports and love grilling. Why not broaden your definition and offer gift ideas that appeal to men who are into things like music, coffee, literature, yoga, art and travel?

Square Gift Cards

Let your customers give the perfect gift — gift cards from your business.

Reach his family members.

Make sure that you present gifts for dads in a way that appeals to their family members — the ones actually buying them. Smaller gifts can also be placed within easy reach of young shoppers. Another great solution is to offer customized gift cards so Dad can get exactly what he wants for Father’s Day. Position them close to your point-of-sale system so your customers can easily spot these last-minute ideas.

Give dads a day without stress.

Everyone appreciates a day off to de-stress. If you run a salon or spa, create special Father’s Day packages with options like a hot shave, haircut, massage, manicure and pedicure. Treating dad to an experience — especially one that he might not buy for himself — will make him feel appreciated.

Recognize new dads.

Perhaps the most special Father’s Day is his first, so invite your social media followers to share photos and videos of their first Father’s Day with their new families. Post your favourites on social media for a week leading up to the holiday (and try not to tear up while you’re at it).

Celebrate dad jokes.

Everybody loves dad jokes, the corny, eyeroll-inducing humour beloved by many fathers. Invite your Facebook and Twitter followers to post the best (or worst) examples of jokes their fathers have made and add a designated hashtag to turn it into a contest and increase engagement.

Highlight their good advice.

Dads can be a useful source of life advice, as evidenced in this ad. Ask your followers to share the best life advice they’ve received from their fathers, and then create shareable, pinnable graphics with these words of wisdom and post them on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest leading up to Father’s Day.

Thank all kinds of father figures.

Familial fathers are important to recognize, but so are all the other men who raise, love and support kids. Commission an artist to create e-cards that honour grandfathers, stepdads, uncles and close friends who have been like fathers on this special day. Post a link to these alternative Father’s Day cards on your website or social media channels and invite your customers and followers to send them to their favourite father figures.

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