The Future of Restaurants Report: 2023 Edition

The food and beverage industry attracts fearless, resilient entrepreneurs who are embracing change. From blurring the line with retail to pushing the envelope with automation, restaurants are evolving and expanding in ways that transform the experience for diners and staff alike. Innovation and adaptability continue to be priorities in 2023. Owners are preparing for economic challenges and making room for opportunity with both proven tactics and new innovations. The future of restaurants is daring and creative. 

To understand where the restaurant industry stands today and the opportunities that lie ahead, Square worked with Wakefield Research to survey 500 U.S. and 500 Canadian restaurateurs and 2,000 nationally representative U.S. and Canadian adults ages 18+ for our third annual Future of Restaurants report. The findings, along with insights from successful Square sellers and industry insiders across North America, provide a look back over the past year to help show us what’s shaping the future.

The Square Future of Restaurants report will help you understand the top trends, the changing landscape and expectations, and the tools and strategies that define the next era of the restaurant industry.

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Inside the Future of Restaurants report, you’ll find:

foc-search-icon An analysis of the top restaurant trends for 2023: From kiosks to diversified offerings, learn which tools, technologies and trends are remaining strong from 2022 and gaining popularity in 2023.

foc-tools-icon Tools and strategies to help you bring all of these ideas to life: Learn how to incorporate these ideas into your restaurant, no matter where you are.