that scale with
your ambitions.your needs.your next steps.

From deeper data to better customer relationships, Square is shaping the future of big business.

Ziad Mehio, Vice President, Technology and Food Service, CSEC

Rachelle Roulston, Manager, Special Projects, CSEC


Why larger businesses choose Square.

  • Future-focused, connected tools
  • PCI compliance and risk management
  • Enhanced, user-friendly experience
  • Customized processing rates and no hidden fees
  • Easy launch and maintenance
  • Customer insight and communication

The fact that we can deploy a new point-of-sale system and go cashless and contactless for our fans… with few to no issues, was outstanding.

Ziad Mehio, Vice President, Technology and Food Service Operations, Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation

Everything you do, working in unison.

Payments, customers, staff – it’s all connected with Square. Add more to your business, or scale back where you need to, so you can focus on shaping the bigger picture.

“I think as we progress and as we grow our business, we’re looking at ways to be smarter as a business and streamline things, and that fits perfect when it comes to using Square.”

John Jackson, Co-chef and Co-owner, Char Restaurant Group

An open platform you can make your own.

As your needs change, your tools should keep up. Connect to pre-built integrations or build your own experiences using our APIs.

Helping big businesses reach bigger goals.

Raise your standards, lower your costs.

The example cost savings below is based on real Square businesses. Our seller owns a retail business with annual sales of $20M, averaging $114 per sale.


saved in monthly fees
and PCI compliance


saved in employee’s
time from responding
to disputes, ensuring
compliance, and managing vendors


saved in
chargeback fees

saved switching to Square.

Your case may vary.

Customize your pricing.

We’ll work with you to find the best rate structure for your payment volume, average transaction size and other business needs.

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