Salon Loyalty Program

Thank your regulars with a loyalty program.

With Square Loyalty, your customers can easily enrol and accrue points directly from your POS or Square Online site - with no additional hardware or devices needed.

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How does a loyalty program help salons?

Loyalty programs enable you to offer rewards, discounts and other special incentives to your most loyal customers, thanking them for their business and encouraging them to return.

Benefits of using a loyalty program for beauty salons

Better customer experience
Loyalty programs can make customers feel valued and appreciated, improving their overall experience with your salon and building a stronger relationship between you and your customers.

Increased customer retention
Loyalty programs incentivise repeat visits, helping to keep customers coming back to your beauty salon.

Increased revenue
By incentivising repeat purchases, loyalty programs can help increase your overall revenue.

Sellers who use Square Loyalty find Loyalty customers visit 40% more and spend 53% more than non-Loyalty customers*

Know your customers and grow your business.

Reward your loyal salon customers

View returning customers’ points and reward history at a glance, and provide a more personalised experience for each customer.

Customise your loyalty program

Incentivise the best possible customer interactions. Your customers can either earn a point per transaction, per service or item purchased, or every time they spend a certain amount.

Create loyalty promotions

By creating promotions for your salon loyalty program, you can incentivise customers to return to your business with things like 2x points on haircuts or 10% off for visiting a certain day of the week.

Track sales and see the impact of your salon loyalty program in one place

Your existing Square Dashboard tracks data like total loyalty customers, the number of rewards redeemed, and top loyalty customers. You can even compare average spend and visits from loyalty versus non-loyalty customers.

Setup is quick and easy

In your Square Dashboard go to Customers > Loyalty

Customise the terminology of your salon loyalty program to fit your brand (examples: points, stars, custom).

Select a program type to determine how your customers earn points and rewards.

Set up the rewards and reward tiers for your loyalty program.


You should only pay for a loyalty program when it’s working for you and your customers. With Square Loyalty, the monthly cost adjusts based on each location’s total loyalty visits per month.

0–500 loyalty visits


Per location

501–1,500 loyalty visits


Per location

1,501–10,000 loyalty visits


Per location

More locations or visits
Our Sales team can help you simplify your operations and set you up with the right solution to meet your business needs.

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*Numbers are based on data collected by Square of Square sellers enrolled in Loyalty in the U.S.

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