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Find out why Australian restaurants choose Square

Quick Service Restaurant

“We’re a fast-paced QSR model, so we want to be efficient wherever we can. Square has streamlined the way customers order, from pick up, to the kitchen operations - it flows really well.”

Nathan & Dave
Co-owners Bao Brothers, NSW
4 locations


“I didn’t realise how integrated everything would be at Square. I saw Square had a wireless Kitchen Display System (KDS), so I jumped on it. We also implemented Square for Restaurants for table layouts and Square Online for online ordering and pickup. It took us two days to setup the website, complete with images and everything. It was so easy compared to other providers.”

Chris Norris
Owner Opus Coffee Brewers, Wollongong, NSW
1 location

Full Service Restaurant

“It goes without saying how beautiful Square hardware looks on the counter. It helps when the equipment we use looks just as stunning as the restaurant, right? Not only is it good-looking on the outside, but it’s also functional on the inside.”

Co-owner No Bones, Byron Bay, NSW
2 locations

Dessert Bar

“Square allows us to understand our customers better, not just what and where they shop but how consistently they come back.”

Reynold Poernomo
Owner KOI Dessert Bar, Sydney, NSW
2 locations

Quick Service Restaurant

“We can simply open the Square app on our phones and assess the performance across thirty locations. We know which products are working and not working in real-time. This enables us to scale while maintaining the same level of attention to detail we had when we operated just one store.”

Nic Pestalozzi
Co-owner Fishbowl, NSW, VIC and QLD
35 locations


“It came down to cost for us. Once you’re paying for your fees subscriptions and devices, our old systems were more expensive. We did a bit of research, Square was simple and offered custom rates so it made sense and was more cost efficient to switch.”

Co-owner T-Bone Brewing Co, TAS
2 locations

Cocktail Bar

“Square plays a massive role in everything we do. We have a big space so using Square Terminal to take orders at the table allows us to put an order through instantly, and the bar staff can start making it before the servers even get back to the counter!”

Matt Whiley
Owner RE, Sydney, NSW
1 location

Quick Service Restaurant

“As we’ve grown Square’s grown with us. It’s been very easy and user friendly. And I’m not a tech person.”

Co-owner Lox In A Box, Sydney, NSW
3 locations

Full Service Restaurant

“The user interface makes it so simple for us and our customers. Prior to Square, we used one of those bank EFTPOS machines with handwritten dockets. Now, we can check our stats at the end of the night just on our handheld device.”

Owner Sonny & Ogee, Hobart, TAS
2 locations

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