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Square Stand Mount Guide

Montaje del Square Stand is a versatile iPad-driven* point of sale that can be easily attached to a wall, rested on a countertop, or fixed to a VESA-compatible pedestal anywhere in your store. With contactless and EMV payments built right in, you can accept all credit card types and payment types, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Get up and running in minutes with easy-to-install mounting hardware that’s all included — no service visits required. Square Stand Mount is customizable for all business types with the free Square Point of Sale app, Square for Restaurants, Square for Retail, and Square Appointments. Or, easily turn Square Stand Mount into a self-service kiosk using software de terceros integrado.

*Compatible with 10.2" iPads (2021, 2020, 2019), iPad Air (2019), and iPad Pro 10.5."

Set Up Hardware

Square Stand Mount has many installation options to best fit your unique business. Watch the video above to learn how to install Square Stand Mount in your business.

The included angled bracket and flat bracket both come with a built-in level for easy setup. Choose the height of the Square Stand Mount to make it the perfect payment station for you and your employees. Complete your point of sale system by attaching the optional hardware hub to connect USB accessories, such as cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, and scales. 

Find your desired setup below.

Remove your iPad from Square Stand Mount

Your iPad can be removed from the Square Stand Mount regardless of the installation type. Removing your iPad from any configuration of the Square Stand Mount should be done with care. Read the following instructions carefully to prevent damage from occurring to the lightning connector.

To remove your iPad from Square Stand Mount:

  1. If you used the optional security screw, first unscrew it with a small Phillips screwdriver.

  2. Locate the raised security latch next to the iPad’s camera on the left. Pull the security latch outwards and then down to disconnect the iPad.

  3. Once unlatched, carefully slide the iPad out to the left. Take care not to pull the iPad up from Stand prior to disconnecting as this can damage the lightning connector.

Replacement Parts

In case the installation hardware is lost or damaged, you can purchase a replacement toolkit for the Square Stand Mount from the Tienda de Square. This replacement kit includes the following:

  • Angled bracket with built-in level

  • Flat bracket with built-in level

  • Drywall drill bit

  • Three-inch Phillips-head screwdriver bit

  • Two wall screws

  • Two wall anchors

  • Four VESA screws

  • Security screw

If you need replacement pieces right away, you can check your local hardware store or retailer for the following components:

  • Wall screws: Phillip / Slot pan head tapping screw #8-15 x 1 ¼” LG

  • Wall anchors: Triple Grip Anchor - Imperial #8

  • Drywall drill bit: 6.35mm (¼”) x 100mm long

  • VESA screws: M4x0.7, 10mm long, Pan Head, PH2

Set Up Software

First, download one of the Square Point of Sale apps on your iPad. You can get started with the free Square Point of Sale app or one of our specialized apps including Square for Restaurants, Square for Retail, or Square Appointments.

Once you've downloaded the Square app best suited for your business, you can create a new account or log in with your Square account email address and password to get started. Now you can start creating items, setting up taxes, creating discounts, and more.

Create Items and Modifiers

To create an item:

  1. From the Square app, tap More > Items > All Items.
  2. Tap Create Item > enter the appropriate information like Name, Price, SKU, etc.
  3. Tap Save.

Note: To change the appearance of how your items show on the Favourites screen, from the Checkout screen, hold down one of the gray squares and tap the + button to create an item or discount or select from the existing list.

Learn more about creating items on Square Stand.

To create modifier sets:

  1. From the Square app, tap More > Items > Modifiers.
  2. Tap Create Modifier Set.
  3. From the New Modifier Set screen, provide a name, select the item(s) you want to assign the modifier set to under Apply Set, and input your modifier names and prices under the Modifiers section.
  4. Tap Save.

Note: If you’re editing or adding multiple items and/or modifiers, we suggest doing so through the online Square Dashboard by visiting Items. Changes made through the Dashboard will immediately appear on your Square Stand.
Learn more about creating modifier sets.

Set Up Taxes

To create a new tax:

  1. From the Square app, tap More > Settings > Checkout.
  2. Tap Taxes > Add a New Tax to add a new tax.
  3. From the New Tax screen, provide a name and percentage, configure the Item Pricing, and select which items and services you’d like the tax applied to during checkout.
  4. Tap Save.

Create Discounts

To create a new discount:

  1. From the Square app, tap More > Items > Discounts.
  2. Tap Create Discount.
  3. From the Create Discount screen, provide a name and specify the percentage or dollar amount you’d like the discount to be worth. You also have the option to Apply a discounts after taxes.
  4. Tap Save.
    Learn more about creating discounts.

Choose your Checkout Options

You can customize your customers’ checkout experience by choosing whether to enable the buyer-facing screen with itemized order summary, tipping, or receipt selection.

Note: Checkout options for Retail Point of Sale and Restaurants Point of sale can be found in your online Square Dashboard under Devices.

To enable or disable the buyer-facing screen: (Note: this will be enabled by default)

  1. From the Square app, tap More > Settings > Checkout > Payment.
  2. To enable the buyer-facing screen, make sure it is selected under the Defaults section at the top. If you choose to disable it, checkout will instead begin with a seller-facing menu of payment types.
  3. To provide an itemized summary of the customer’s cart on the buyer-facing screen, toggle on Show order summary.

To enable tipping during checkout: (Note: this will be enabled by default)

  1. From the Square app, tap More > Checkout > Tipping
  2. Toggle on Collect Tips and select between showing your tip options on the signature screen or on a separate screen.
    Learn more about accepting tips with the Square App.

To collect signatures and/or enable receipt selection during checkout:

  1. From the Square app, tap More > Checkout > Signature and receipt.
  2. Toggle Collect signatures to prompt customers for signature after payment. You can also choose whether to collect signatures on the device screen, or on the printed receipt.
  3. Toggle on Skip Receipt Screen to offer customers the option to receive a digital receipt after entering their email or phone number. Square Point of Sale will skip this screen by default for the fastest checkout experience possible.

Managing Locations

To create a new location:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, go to Account & Settings > Business > Locations.
  2. Click Create Location and enter the appropriate information, such as location name, address, business logo, business hours.
  3. Click Save.

You can access your new location by logging out of your Square Point of Sale account and logging back in with the same email address and password. From here, you should see the option to select your new location. Learn more about managing multiple locations with Square Point of Sale.

To manage locations with device codes:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, navigate to Account & Settings > Business > Devices.
  2. Click Create Device, enter a nickname for your Square Stand and select the appropriate location.
  3. Click Create.

You can send your device code by text message or email. This device code will be associated with the corresponding location and can be used to log in to the account associated with your location instead of using an email address and password. Learn more about device codes and how they work with your business locations.

Viewing and Customize Reports

Learn more about viewing and customizing reports from the online Square Dashboard and from the Square Point of Sale app.

Access Square Stand MountDetails

The Stand Mount details page provides a helpful summary of the current device status as well as information on USB accessories like printers, barcode scanners, card readers, printers, and any other USB connected accessories.

With an additional tap, you can view important hardware information like serial number and software version, which is useful if you need to contact customer support. You can also use this page to restart your Square Stand.

To get started:

  1. Once your iPad is docked into the Stand go to the Settings of the Point of sale app on your iPad.
  2. Tap Hardware > Square Stand under My Hardware. This page provides your summary of connected devices and allows you to restart the device.
  3. Tap Get Help > Device details to view detailed information like serial number and software version.

Hardware Accessories

Square Stand Mount is compatible with USB, Bluetooth and network hardware accessories, including cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, and scales. You can find a complete list of compatible accessories, including Ethernet and Bluetooth-enabled printers and scanners, on our página de compatibilidad.

To power Square Stand Mount, plug the power adapter’s USB-C cable into the hub, then plug one end of the power adapter cable into the power adapter and the other into an outlet.

Now you are ready to connect a barcode scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer, or other USB-A accessories to Square Stand Mount via the USB hub. If accessories need additional setup, go to Settings > Hardware in the Square app to set up those devices.

Learn more about how to Connect Recommended Hardware to Square Stand.

Pair with other Square Hardware

Square Stand Mount’s built-in dip and tap readers will work perfectly for most businesses. However, if you’d like to take payments at a greater distance, add a dedicated display, or you need to occasionally accept magstripe cards, you can customize your setup by pairing Stand Mount with one of the following.

Square Reader para tarjetas de banda magnética

Stand Mount para pagos con tarjeta de banda magnética

El Square Stand Mount es compatible con el Square Reader para tarjetas de banda magnética con conector para auriculares. Simplemente, conecta el lector al puerto para auriculares del Stand, aplica una venta y desliza la tarjeta del cliente por el lector. No se necesita ninguna otra instalación.


  • Pagos con tarjeta de banda magnética
  • Instalación sencilla al conectar
  • Conector para auriculares

Square Reader sin contacto y chip

Square Reader para tarjetas sin contacto y chip

La conexión del Square Reader sin contacto y chip para aceptar pagos a distancia es sencilla. Simplemente conecta el cable USB incluido (o bien, opcionalmente, la Base del Square Reader) al concentrador USB del Square Stand Mount. También puedes emparejar Square Reader de manera inalámbrica con una conexión BLE (Bluetooth). Una vez que el lector se conecte a Square Stand, se activará automáticamente durante el proceso de pago de la siguiente venta.


  • Tarjeta con chip (EMV)
  • Tarjetas sin contacto
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay
  • Inalámbrico
  • Batería recargable
  • Puerto opcional

Square Terminal

Square Terminal

Square Terminal es un producto independiente integral que puede emparejarse como segunda pantalla orientada al cliente para el Square Stand Mount. Square Terminal acepta todas las formas de pago: tarjetas con chip (EMV), tarjetas sin contacto (NFC), tarjetas de banda magnética, Apple Pay y Google Pay. Simplemente empareja la Terminal con el Stand mediante una conexión inalámbrica, envía una venta a la Terminal y permite que el cliente complete el pago.


  • Tarjetas de banda magnética
  • Tarjeta con chip (EMV)
  • Tarjetas sin contacto
  • Tarjetas de banda magnética
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay
  • Conexión inalámbrica o Ethernet
  • Batería recargable
  • Segunda pantalla para el uso a distancia del cliente
  • Punto de venta independiente cuando no hay un Stand emparejado
  • Impresora de recibos

Nota: Si utilizas Square Terminal con el Square Stand Mount, te recomendamos desactivar la pantalla del cliente para que sea más sencillo enviar pagos a la Terminal. Para ello, pulsa Más > Ajustes > Pago y configura la vista predeterminada en "Todos los tipos de pago".

Use Your Square Stand Mount

After you set up your new Square Stand Mount, you’re ready to start accepting payments. 

Whether you need to quickly process a sale for one of your customers or review your transaction reporting for a specific time frame, Square Stand Mount helps you do it all.

Acepta pagos

Square Stand Mount, pared vertical

  1. Desde la pantalla Proceso de pago, ingresa un monto personalizado y agrega un artículo del Surtido o de la página Favoritos, o bien, utiliza un escáner de código de barras para escanear el código UPC o SKU del artículo.
  2. Pulsa Cobrar y acerca la tarjeta del cliente al Square Stand Mount o insértala en este, o bien, usa su dispositivo inteligente para completar un pago sin contacto.
  3. Puedes ingresar su información después de la venta para enviarle un recibo por correo electrónico o mensaje de texto.

Obtén más información sobre cómo aceptar pagos con Square Stand y sobre las comisiones y pagos.

Agrega clientes a la venta

  1. Desde la pantalla Proceso de pago, pulsa Agregar cliente cuando revises la venta.
  2. Selecciona un cliente existente del directorio o pulsa Crear cliente para agregar uno nuevo.
  3. Desde el perfil del cliente existente o recién creado en el directorio, pulsa Agregar a venta.
  4. Pulsa Cobrar para completar la venta de manera normal.

Obtén más información sobre cómo administrar el Directorio de clientes desde el Panel de Datos Square en línea.

Cómo revisar el historial de transacciones

  1. Desde la aplicación Square, pulsa Más > Transacciones.
  2. Revisa el historial de transacciones en orden cronológico o usa la barra de búsqueda para encontrar transacciones según el número de tarjeta, número telefónico, nombre del cliente, número de recibo, notas o nombre del artículo.

Una vez que encuentres la transacción que buscas, podrás realizar acciones como procesar un reembolso o reenviar un recibo. También tendrás informes de la transacción en su totalidad, incluidos los artículos vendidos, la forma de pago utilizada y los clientes asociados a la transacción.

Obtén más información sobre cómo revisar tu historial de transacciones desde el Panel de Datos Square en línea.

Ask the Seller Community

Square’s online Comunidad de vendedores is another great resource for finding answers to common questions about using Square, and a chance to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to. When you ask a question to the Community, another business owner can reply to share their experience, or a member of the Community team will swoop in to help.

You can also subscribe to Product Updates to find out about Square’s newest features and tools for your business.


If you have any trouble with your Square Stand Mount, check out the following articles for help.