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Manage Your Customer Directory Online

Create and enhance existing customer profiles in your directory so you always have their information on hand, and know exactly how they interact with your business.

Add Customers

Manually Add Customers

When adding customers to your directory, make sure their information stays safe – don’t store sensitive or confidential information in the notes field, such as credit card numbers or sensitive health information.

To add customers to your directory:

  1. Visit Customers in your Panel de Datos Square en línea > click Create Customer.

  2. Enter your customer’s information and click Save.

Note: If you are using conjuntos de permisos personalizados for your team, customer contact info such as email address, physical address, and phone number will be turned on for  your team by default. You can give your team the ability to view and edit this information by enabling this permission with Administración de equipos.

Clients who book services with your business using Citas Square, are enrolled in your Square Programa de fidelidad, and are charged using Square Facturas are automatically added to your Customer Directory.

You’re also able to add customers from the Square Point of Sale app. Learn more about cómo administrar el Directorio de clientes desde la aplicación Square.

Import Customers

From your online Square Dashboard, you can also upload customer profiles in bulk. To do so:

  1. From the Customers tab of your Panel de Datos Square en línea, click Import/Export.

  2. Drag and drop your customer CSV file into the upload field or click select it from your computer to upload the file > click Continue.

  3. **All customers added will be within a new group created for your import. **

  4. Confirm your customers’ details are in the correct columns. If there are errors, click the drop-down menu to the right of the field and select the correct field.

  5. Note: If you need to add customer details that don’t currently fit into the default fields, you can add custom fields to your directory before importing contacts.

  6. Click Import to move this group to your Customer Directory.

When importing customers via CSV, you can set an opt-in status for marketing communications for each email address in the Email Subscription Status column. The status can be set to Subscribed, Unsubscribed, or Unknown. Emails uploaded and marked as subscribed need to be immediately available to market to.

Import Customer Profiles

Note: Only send marketing communications to customers who have consented to receive marketing emails from your business. You are responsible for ensuring the customers on your list have given explicit permission to contact them and for compliance with all applicable laws. Review nuestros términos for additional information.

Edit Customer Profiles Online

  1. From Customers in your Panel de Datos Square en línea, click a customer’s name to view their full profile > click Edit Customer.

  2. Make any necessary changes > click Save.

Delete Customer Profiles Online

  1. From Customers in your Panel de Datos Square en línea, click a customer’s name to view their full profile > click the three-dotted icon on the top right.

  2. Select Delete Customer at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

Deleting a Customer Profile will not delete previous transactions. You can always view transactions in your Panel de Datos Square en línea.


Your Customer Directory will identify potential duplicate profiles if two or more customers share the same email address and/or phone number. However, if the profile names are dissimilar or if the two profiles have a different email or phone number, they will not be identified as duplicates. In this case, you can still manually merge the profiles if they happen to be the same customer.

Fix Duplicates

After manually adding customers, or importing customer contact information to your directory, you may end up with duplicate records. Duplicate records may incorrectly increase the total number of customers in your directory, and lead to increased precios de las suscripciones a Marketing Square. We recommend you review your directory periodically to ensure no duplicates exist.

To check for duplicates and resolve them:

  1. Visit your Customer Directory from your Panel de Datos Square en línea.

  2. Within the All Customers group, if multiple records exist with the same email address or phone number, you’ll receive an alert notifying you there may be duplicate entries.

  3. Click Duplicate Suggestion to review the entries flagged as duplicates.

  4. You can choose to Ignore entries that aren’t duplicates, or click Merge or Merge All to combine confirmed duplicates.

Manually Merge Duplicate Customer Profiles

If our system has not recognized a duplicate, you can manually merge two profiles. To do so:

  1. Select the duplicate Customer Profile.

  2. Click the three-dotted Actions menu > Merge with another customer > search and select the profile you’d like to merge.

  3. Carefully review the profiles being combined, as a merge can’t be undone > click Merge.

Note: From the drop-down menu on the main Customers screen of your Square App, you can create a new profile, filter customers, manage groups, add customers to groups, resolve duplicates, merge customers, bulk delete, and view feedback from virtually any screen.

Buyer Status

Upload File Attachments

Add file attachments to your customers’ profiles to keep records, contracts, documents, or photos.

To upload a file:

  1. Select a customer from your directory.

  2. Click the three-dotted icon at the top right of the profile > Upload File.

  3. Drag and drop or select a file from your computer. Note: Only upload files you have the rights to use. Files cannot be larger than 20MB. Supported file types: .pdf .gif .jpg .jpeg .png..

  4. Upload File.

Once uploaded, click the three-dotted actions menu to the right of the file to Download, Rename, Preview, or Delete.

A customer profile can contain up to 100 files. Merging two customer profiles also merges any files attached to them.

Note: Do not use this feature to upload files containing illegal content or sensitive confidential information, including personal health information or credit card information.

Learn how to cargar archivos a los perfiles de los clientes desde la aplicación Punto de venta Square

Notes and Reminders

Your Customer Directory lets you add timestamped notes to your customers’ profiles and reminders to revisit those notes in the future.

Add a Note

  1. Select a customer from your directory > click Add Note in the Notes section or from the three-dotted icon at the bottom of the profile.

  2. Add your note to the field.

  3. If you’d like, set a reminder using the default times or by adding a custom date and time.

  4. Click Save.

If you’ve set a reminder, you’ll receive a push notification on your mobile device via the Square Point of Sale app and an email notification to the address associated with your Square account.

To delete a note, select it from the customer’s profile and click Delete.

Save Payment Cards Online with Card on File

Collecting payment from your customers is even easier when their payment cards are saved to your directory. Here’s how to link a payment card to a customer profile:

  1. Select a customer from your directory > click Add Card in the Cards on File section or from the three-dotted icon at the bottom of the profile.

  2. Enter the card details and your customer’s email address.

  3. You must have written authorization from your customer to save their payment card. Use the provided template form by clicking Download Form and send it to your customer.

  4. Click Save.

Note: Make sure to keep authorization forms on file and store them securely.

Learn more about cómo realizar un cobro a una tarjeta de pago guardada de un cliente to collect payment for a Factura Square or for pagos de una tarjeta guardada desde la aplicación Square.

With Square’s Team Management subscription, you can assign roles and permissions to your team members so they can take action in your Customer Directory and help manage customer profiles. You can learn how to comenzar a utilizar Administración de equipos and view which conjuntos de permisos personalizados you can assign your team in our Support Center.

Now that you have an understanding of how you can create and update customer profiles, learn how to enhance them with information relevant to your business using campos personalizados en su directorio.

Customer Filters

Your Directorio de clientes stores customer information and provides ways to view how customers interact with your business. By applying filters, you can view in-depth information about your customers, such as the business locations they visit, payment amounts, items purchased, and more. To apply filters:

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard > Customers.

  2. Click on the Directory tab > select Filters.

  3. Apply filters for the customer data that you wish to view.

  4. Click View Customers to view the customer data.

If you are using Marketing Square, you can leverage customer contact information in your directory to create email marketing campaigns and apply filters to view your Marketing Subscribers. Learn more about cómo crear una campaña de Marketing Square in our Support Center.

Note: You can apply filters through both your online Square Dashboard and your Point of Sale app. However, not all filters are available through your app at this time. A more comprehensive list of customer filters are available through your online Square dashboard.

Customer QR Codes

You can increase your line speeds and reduce cashier mistakes by adding a customer to a sale with a QR code. All you need are the items listed below:

  • Customer reference ID in Directory.

  • A supported escáner de código de barras that can scan QR codes on screens (e.g. Honeywell Xenon 1900). Note: Test your scanner for on-screen scanning first.

  • Square POS on iOS tablet, Android tablet, or Register.

Note: This feature is not available on Square for Restaurants, Square for Retail, or Square Appointments at this time.

Learn more about identifying customers at your counter with QR codes.

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