Set inventory counting permissions with Square for Retail

Who is this article for?
This article is for business owners who want to assign their team members inventory counting permissions with Square for Retail. This is a feature available with Square for Retail Plus. Learn more about Square Staff and custom permissions.

About inventory permissions

With Square for Retail Plus, you can assign stock counting permissions to your employees from your Square Dashboard. Having your staff conduct inventory counts is a cost-effective approach using existing resources efficiently, allowing you to engage your staff directly with the inventory and providing valuable training opportunities.

Before you begin

Make sure to set up your owner passcode, team permissions and team passcodes to start creating team members in your Square Dashboard. Learn more about Square Staff.

Select stock counting permissions you want to assign to different levels of your team. The available options are:

  • View unit cost while counting (on POS and Dashboard)

  • Initiate, contribute to and commit cycle counts (on POS only)

  • Initiate, contribute to and commit full inventory counts (on POS only)

  • Review, commit and delete full inventory counts (on POS and Dashboard)

Assign inventory permissions

To assign inventory permissions:

  1. Log into your online Square Dashboard, go to Team > Permissions and select the role type you want to allow stock counting permission.

  2. Select Items.

  3. Under Stock Counting, select the permissions you want to assign.

  4. If the permission is for a new team member, select Save team member.

  5. If the permission is for an existing team member, click Save.

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