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Manage Inventory with the Retail POS App

With Square Retail Point of Sale Plus tools, you’re able to receive and manage inventory right from the app. Note: At this time, advanced inventory management is not available on Square for Retail Free. Also, actions such as intaking purchase orders and scanning inventory are not yet supported on Retail for Square Register. Learn more about the differences between Square for Retail Free and Square for Retail Plus.

Receive Stock

Receive stock in-app

If you’d like to receive stock right from the app:

  1. On the Navigation menu, tap Add Stock.
  2. Select Receive Stock.
  3. Search or scan items to receive stock > enter stock amounts. You can also scan the same item numerous times to receive multiple stocks, or scan multiple items once and adjust their quantities afterward.
  4. From the next screen, you’ll have the option to edit vendor and item information — including the item unit cost.
  5. Once you’re all set, tap Confirm.

Adjust Stock

To adjust stock levels from the Retail app:

  1. Tap the three horizontal lines > Items.
  2. Scroll through your item list or use the search bar. Tap on the item once you find it to view the item details page.
  3. Tap the highlighted number for Current Stock.
  4. Select a reason, enter the new stock number, and tap Save.
Retail App

View Stock for Multiple Locations

If you have multiple locations enabled with your Square for Retail Plus account, you’ll be able to view the current stock levels for all of your locations, directly from the app. To view inventory levels for a specific item, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Square for Retail app, tap an item to bring up the item details page.
  2. Under Stock at Other Locations, tap the blue number. Note The number listed is the total number you have in stock for all other active locations.
  3. Review the stock breakdown per location.

When you select a specific location, you’ll be able to view details included in the location’s profile.

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