Beta Features on Square Appointments

When using Square Appointments, you may encounter a feature labeled Beta. Square's Beta features give you early access to features that are stable and available for immediate use, developing with more functionality over time.

We are always iterating and improving upon the Square Appointments experience and seeking feedback to ensure it meets the needs of our users. The first iteration of a new feature may have some limitations, but it will continue to be improved upon by our development team. If you are actively using beta features, your settings and data will not be compromised.

Square Appointments Beta features are now publicly available based on your Square Appointments subscription. As we continue to add more functionality to these features over time, we would love to hear your feedback.

Provide Beta Feature Feedback

Current Beta Feature(s) Survey Feedback
Class Booking Submit Class Booking feature feedback
Quick Find Submit Quick Find feature feedback
Packages (Currently in private beta, join here) Submit Packages feature feedback

Note: Based on your feedback, we may reach out to you about how we can improve the feature or your Square Appointments experience.

Join the Beta Program

For support using this feature or future Square Appointments beta features, join our Beta Community or email the Beta Team at betafeedback@squareup.com. Joining gives you access to our beta team should you want to provide direct feedback or troubleshoot questions. The community also connects you with other businesses utilizing the same features. We typically approve requests within a couple of days. You’ll receive a notification when accepted to the testing group.


What does “beta” mean?

Beta is a term used in hardware or software development where features can be tested by a subset of customers before being released to the public. With software solutions, beta features can be released publicly for general use as minor improvements are added over time. Sellers can expect stable performance of publicly available beta features as they will function as intended and any changes will be incremental to the feature.

If I use a beta feature what will happen to my data or settings with that feature?

Your data and settings will not be compromised if you use a beta feature.

How long will a feature be in beta?

While there is no set time frame for how long a feature will be in beta, a user should expect that a feature will eventually become generally available when it has gone through most major iterations. We may still make minor changes or adjustments over time based on seller feedback.

Do I have to pay to use beta features?

No, you do not have to pay an additional fee for Square’s Beta program. Beta features will be available with their corresponding tiers depending on your Square Appointments subscription.

How are beta features different from the Square’s Beta program?

Publicly available Beta features in Square Appointments are an extension of Square’s Beta program, and represent the final rounds of feedback and testing. Sellers can join Square’s Beta program to access features even earlier, while they are still in development, and before they become widely available. Square Appointments beta features are features that can be accessed by anyone within their Square Appointments subscription plan. These features are expected to have some limitations in their early form, but will be improved upon over time.

When will I know if a feature is no longer in beta?

A Square Appointments feature will no longer be in beta once the “Beta” label is removed when accessing the features.