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Beta Features on Square Appointments

When using Square Appointments, you may encounter a feature labelled ‘Beta’. Beta features are early versions of a feature that are stable and available for immediate use, developing with more functionality over time.

We are always iterating and improving upon the Square Appointments experience and seeking feedback to ensure that it meets the needs of our users. The first iteration of a new feature may have some limitations, but it will continue to be improved upon by our development team. If you are actively using beta features, your settings and data will not be compromised.

Square Appointments Beta features are now publicly available based on your Square Appointments subscription options. As we continue to add more functionality to these features over time, we would love to hear your feedback.

Provide Beta Feature Feedback

Note: Based on your feedback, we may contact you about how we can improve the feature or your Square Appointments experience.

Join the Beta Programme

For support using this feature or future Square Appointments beta features, join our Beta Community or email the Beta Team at [email protected]. Joining gives you access to our beta team should you want to provide direct feedback or troubleshoot questions. The community also connects you with other businesses utilising the same features. We typically approve requests within a couple of days. You’ll receive a notification when accepted to the testing group.