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Pickup Orders on Square Point of Sale

With Order Manager in Square Point of Sale, you can take orders over the phone or in any other way you communicate with your customers, schedule them for later curbside or in-store pickup, and conveniently manage them inside the Orders menu on Square Point of Sale. Note that you must turn off Dining Options to use this feature.  

Note: iOS mobile phones must be on the newest Point of Sale design to create orders in Checkout. You can opt into the new design by performing the following:

  1. Open your Square Point of Sale app

  2. Tap Settings 

  3. Tap on Checkout

  4. Tap Upgrade to the new Square Point of Sale

Processing an Order on Square Point of Sale

To process a pickup order:

  1. Open the Square Point of Sale app.

  2. Add items to the current sale.

  3. Tap Schedule for pickup on the right side.

  4. Add the customer to the sale.

  5. Select an order type (In-store or Curbside pickup).

  6. Tap Next.

  7. Select a Pickup time.

  8. Tap Done.

  9. Continue the checkout flow.

Message Customer about their Order

You can reach out to a customer regarding their order from your Order Manager page on either your Square Dashboard or Square Point of Sale app. This feature is ideal for gaining clarification on your customer’s order as well as any last minute changes, such as out of stock items or substitutions. Square Messages supports both text and email communication, as well as photo support. 

To send a message to your customer:

  1. Navigate to Orders

  2. Select an order and open the action menu ( . . . )

  3. Select Message Buyer

  4. Confirm that you have consent from your buyer to contact them.

  5. Type your message and hit Send.

You will receive an email notification when your customer responds. You can also enable push notifications by going to Messages > Settings icon on Dashboard. Learn more about Square Messages.

Note: Square Messages will only be accessible to your employees with the following permission enabled: Grant access to view and send messages to customers. This includes access to items and customer data for sending messages. Learn more about managing your employees’ custom permission sets.

Manage Pickup Orders from the App

You can also manage pick orders directly from the Square Point of Sale app. Each pick-up order will fall into one of the following fulfillment types, to help you manage your orders at a glance:

  • Curbside

  • Pickup

  • Digital

Alerts & Printer Settings

To update your preference for notifications and ticket printing from the app, open the navigation menu > Settings, and scroll down to Orders.

  • Alerts: To get a push notification on your mobile device when you receive a new order, toggle on Allow Notifications. You need to allow notifications for the Square POS app within the Settings section of your iOS or Android device to receive these alerts. You can also toggle on Allow curbside alerts to receive an alert when your customer arrives. Square Terminal and Square Register will display an in-app push message, rather than an operating system-level push). By default, notifications will be turned on — you can turn them off or adjust how often you receive them, though.

  • Printer Settings: Choose to either manually print tickets for new orders or automatically print new orders when they come in.

Create a Printer Station for Orders

To get started:

  1. Tap the three horizontal lines to bring up the app Main Menu.

  2. Select Settings > Printers.

  3. Tap Create Printer Station.

  4. Name your printer (for example, “Online Orders”).

  5. Go to the Orders section, and toggle on use this printer for in-person order tickets. The in-person orders section applies to printing orders placed both remotely and at your location. Printer settings you toggle on here will also apply to Order Manager orders.

  6. Tap Save.

Order Status

Each order falls into one of the following fulfillment states:

  • Active: All orders that need to be actioned.

    • New: All orders awaiting action. If auto-printing is enabled, new orders will print as they come in. Your newest orders will be highlighted green for easy visibility. New orders will remain highlighted until the order’s details are viewed, then the highlight will disappear.

    • In Progress: Orders being prepared.

    • Completed: Orders that have been fulfilled.

  • Upcoming: Orders that will need action later.

  • Completed: All completed or canceled orders.

Order Source

In addition to the order status, you’ll also see a breakdown of orders by Source. For example, if you have active orders coming in from your Square Online site and delivery partner, you’ll see both online ordering platforms listed.

Orders will appear top-down, newest to oldest.

Note: If you do not have active orders for a particular platform, you will not see it listed.

Manage In-store Pickup & Curbside Orders

  1. Tap the three horizontal lines to bring up the Main Menu > Orders > Pickup or Curbside. You’ll see each order listed, along with the time elapsed since the original order was placed.

  2. Tap an order to bring up the details page and click Mark as In Progress. The order status will update to In Progress.

  3. When you’re ready for the order to be picked up, tap Mark as Ready.

  4. Once the order leaves your business, tap Mark as Picked Up.

You can view historical completed orders in the Completed tab at any time.

You can also toggle on Allow curbside alerts to receive a notification when your customer arrives. 

Delay Pickup Time of an Order

During busy shifts with more orders coming in than expected, you may want to delay the pickup time so that the delivery person or customer knows they can pick up their order at a later time. Delay orders as soon as you know you can’t make the expected time to avoid waiting customers or couriers. Order delays are accepted per service and integration type, so check with your integration that you can delay your orders if needed.These edits can be made on your online Square Dashboard.

To adjust the ready/shipping time for an order:

  1. From the Order Manger on your online Square Dashboard, select an order that you would like to delay and open it.

  2. For orders that can be delayed, you will see a > button next to the time. Tap the arrow and select Edit to edit the time.

  3. Select from a pre-selected list of time intervals (by 15 minute increments) or select Other to manually select a time period.

  4. Tap Save and we will send the update to the integration (where your buyer order) and then integration will let the buyer/courier know that the order is delayed.

Please keep in mind that some orders cannot be delayed. Please check with your integration provider to see if it’s possible.

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