Connect Square Online to Facebook

If you have a Facebook page for your business, you can connect your Facebook account to create ad campaigns, sync your item library to Facebook, and allow visitors to shop from your Facebook page.

You’ll need to complete a one-time setup process before you can create ads or use Facebook shop:

  1. Connect your Facebook account
  2. Choose which Facebook page to connect
  3. Install the Facebook Pixel
  4. Import your item library

Connecting to Facebook


To get started, go to the Website > Facebook page in your Online Store Dashboard and click the “Connect Facebook account” button. If you’re not already logged into Facebook, you’ll need to do that first.


You’ll be prompted to grant permissions for Weebly. Click the “Choose what you allow” link if you’d like to review the details and toggle specific permissions off. For example, if you are an admin for more than one Facebook page, you can exclude any pages that shouldn’t be connected with your online store. When you’re finished, click “OK” to continue.

Note: If you don’t see the prompt to grant permission immediately after logging in, you may need to close the Facebook window and click the “Connect Facebook account” button again.

Selecting a Facebook Page to Connect


Now that you’re connected to Facebook, there are just a few more steps to complete. Click Next on the Welcome page to continue, noting that by doing so you’re indicating that you agree to Facebook’s Terms and Conditions.


Now you can choose the Facebook page you want to connect, or create a new one if you wish. Click Next to continue.

Installing the Facebook Pixel


In the next step, the Facebook Pixel will be automatically installed. Click Next to move on.

Importing Your Items


Finally, your item library will be automatically synced to Facebook. Click the Finish button, noting again that doing so indicates you agree to the Facebook Merchant Terms and Policies.


Now that you’ve completed the setup process, you can use the buttons in Website > Facebook to manage your shop and quickly create and manage ads.

Disconnecting Your Facebook Account

If you ever want to disconnect from Facebook, simply use the “Disconnect account” button at the top of the Website > Facebook page.

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