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Make Items Shoppable on Facebook and Instagram with Square Online

Efficiently manage sales with Square Online

Square Online accepts and manages orders, both online and in-store from social and mobile showroom to stockroom, for today and tomorrow.

Connect your Square Online website to Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping to seamlessly sync your product catalog, run ads and manage all your eCommerce channels in one place. Buyers can access items through your social profiles and complete checkout on your Square Online website.

Note: To use Facebook Shops, be sure you’re disconnected from Facebook Food Ordering, which allows you to add “Order Food” buttons to your profiles. Learn more about Facebook Food Ordering for Square Online.

Learn more about Square and social commerce channels.


Setting up a single online store for Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping offers many features, including:

  • Full control and visibility when syncing your product catalog

  • Informative validation errors so you can fix the appropriate attributes

  • Manage your listings across all sales channels in one place

  • Run dynamic ads featuring top items from your catalog

  • Gain valuable data to better understand your customers, particularly when setting up retargeting ads

Get Started

Once you've disconnected from the current Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping, you can set up the new integration with Meta Commerce.

Connect Meta for Business

To connect your Meta for Business to Square Online:

  1. Go to eCommerce > Online sales channel from your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Next to Meta for Business, click Get started.
  3. On the “Facebook Shops” page, click Connect Facebook account.
  4. Choose the account you use to manage business assets like Meta Pixel and catalog. The assets you create and connect will be owned by this Business Manager. Click Continue.
  5. Select a catalog so you can manage inventory and deliver ads that show your products.
  6. Select an ad account for your business to advertise products and services. If you don’t have an eligible ad account, you can skip this step or click Create new.
  7. Use data from the Meta Pixel to understand actions on your website and measure the results of your ads.
  8. Confirm your settings, then click Continue.
  9. Follow the prompts, then wait for Square and Meta Commerce to complete the integration.

Connect a Facebook profile

Once connected to Facebook, choose the Facebook page where you want to make your items shoppable. You can also create a new page.

Install the Meta (Facebook) Pixel

The Facebook Pixel will be automatically installed.

Note: If you need assistance with Facebook Pixel, contact the Facebook support team or visit the Facebook Business Center for more information on troubleshooting.

Import your items

Your item library will be automatically synced to Facebook and Instagram.

Verify your domain

Be sure to verify your domain with Facebook. Proceed below based on the kind of domain you’re using for your Square Online site.

Custom domains

If you have a custom domain connected to your Square Online site, you can use DNS verification to verify your domain for Facebook Shops. This is typically done by adding a TXT record to your DNS. Learn how to manage records for Square Online domains for more information on how to add a record to your DNS.

Free subdomains

To verify your free Square subdomain with a meta tag to set up Facebook Shops:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Settings > Tracking Tools.
  2. Select Add new code.
  3. In the popup window, enter in the code’s name and the code itself into the corresponding fields.
  4. Place the Facebook meta tag in the header by select the < head > option.
  5. Select Save when finished.
  6. Publish your site from the Square Online site editor to add the code to your website and complete the verification.

Note: Using the meta tag method described above is the only way to verify a free Square subdomain.

Learn more about how to use a free subdomain with Square Online.

Once you've set up Meta Commerce with your Square Online website, you can utilize these features to

Automatic Advanced Matching

Advanced Matching can help you optimize your Facebook ads to drive better results. Toggle on this feature so you can use the information your customers have provided to your business, like an email address or phone number, to match your website's visitors to people on Facebook.

Product Listings

Once you’ve integrated Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping, you can manage items from your product catalog within your Square account. Any future updates made to your Square product catalog will automatically sync to Meta Commerce Manager.

Troubleshooting Listings

To troubleshoot your listings, read the following support articles in the Meta Business Help Center:

Disconnect your Meta Account

To disconnect your Meta Commerce account from Square Online:

  1. Go to eCommerce > Online sales channels from your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Next to "Meta Commerce," click Manage.

  3. Click Remove Channel.