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Sell Non-Physical Items in Square Online

Creating an item to sell a non-tangible product like event tickets, a service, or a membership is similar to the process for creating physical items. The main difference is that you don’t set a fulfillment method for these types of items - instead, you will send an email to your customer with additional information on how to redeem their purchase.

To get started, go to the Square Online Overview page, select Items > Item Library, then click Add Item.


Choose which type of item you want to add from the drop down menu, then enter a title and description for the item. Add a photo or multiple photos if you like.


If you’re creating an event item, scroll down to the event details section and enter the location, time and date for your event.


Next, scroll down to the variations section and set a price for your item. If your item has only one option, you can edit the existing variation to change the name and set a single price, or click on “Add/Manage variations” to create additional options with different names and prices.


For example, you might be running a multi-day event and offer tickets for one day and full weekend passes. These options allow you to sell both kinds of tickets from a single item. You may have a default option called “Regular”, but you can change the name by clicking on it to edit. Enter as many different options as you need and click Done. Learn more about adding options to your items.


Next, set a price for each of your options. Regular prices will sync back to Square, but sale prices are only applicable to your online store.

If you’d like buyers to customize this item, scroll down to the Modifiers section and click Manage modifiers. You can create a new modifier for this item, or apply any pre-existing modifier. Learn more about working with modifiers.

At the bottom of the Add item page, enter SEO details for this item, then click Save when you’re finished.


Events, Memberships, and Services have an item details page just like physical items. You can also add a section to your website pages to feature special events and memberships. At checkout, customers will be notified that they will receive an email from you later with additional information. Be sure to follow up with your customers and send them any instructions or details they’ll need in order to redeem their purchase.

Note: Due to the different delivery methods for these items, they must be purchased separately from items that can be shipped or picked up in person.

By default, customers buying a non-physical item aren’t required to enter a shipping address. You can make this a requirement for each type of non-physical item if you choose. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Settings > Checkout > Advanced Settings and click the Edit button. Scroll down and use the checkboxes to enable this option.

What if you only want to sell to customers living in your area? You can restrict purchases of these items to only the locations you’ve set up for shipping. It’s okay if you’re not actually selling any items that need to be shipped - these settings are also used to control who is allowed to purchase non-physical items from your website. Once you’ve set up which areas you will sell to, go to Settings > Shipping > Advanced Settings and click edit. Use the checkboxes here to allow or disallow purchases from anywhere in the world.

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