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Square Terminal Payments FAQ

What are my fees?

Contactless payments, swiped or inserted chip cards and swiped magstripe card payments processed through the Square Terminal have a 2.6% + 10 cents fee.

Payments that are manually keyed-in, processed using Card on File, or processed using Virtual Terminal have a 3.5% + 15 cents fee.

Square Invoices cost 3.3% + 30 cents for Invoices Plus users and 2.9% + 30 cents for Free users.

If you have a custom processing rate on your Square Account, that rate will apply to all transactions on your Square Terminal.

There are no fees for recording cash, check, or gift certificate payments.

There are no monthly or hidden fees for credit card processing. All fees are deducted before funds are transferred to your linked bank account.

Note: Processing fees are deducted before each transfer and cannot be charged on a monthly basis. You can view your total fees on a monthly basis from your online Square Dashboard.

Contactless Payments

What are contactless payments, and how are they different from NFC?

Contactless payments describe the act of paying without touching the payment device. NFC (Near-Field Communications) is a technology that allows for contactless payments. Using radio frequency, NFC allows devices (e.g. smartphones) to wirelessly communicate at close range to do things like process payments. Apple Pay and Google Pay are both types of contactless payments.

How do I take contactless payments, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay?

When you are ready to accept a contactless payment, tap the “Charge” button on Terminal. If you have Default to Customer Checkout enabled, the contactless symbol will appear on a blue screen. If not, tap on “Customer Checkout” to enable contactless payments. Have your customer hold a contactless device or card near the contactless symbol to start a contactless payment.

If you do not see the blue contactless symbol screen after tapping charge, you can adjust your Customer Checkout options.

Are contactless payments secure?

Yes, they’re just as secure as accepting chip cards. In some cases because of additional verification methods (like Touch ID with Apple Pay), contactless payments can be even more secure. Learn more in
Square’s comprehensive guide to Apple Pay.

Can I take other forms of contactless payments besides Apple Pay and Google Pay?

Yes. In addition to Apple Pay and Google Pay, acceptable contactless payments include contactless cards, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.

Dip Payments

How long does it take to process a chip card?

Chip and PIN card payments require additional security steps to transfer and verify chip data. It will take around 2 seconds to complete a chip card transaction when it’s inserted into the EMV card slot.

Do I leave the chip card in the Terminal chip card slot while taking a payment?

Yes, you’ll need to leave the chip card in the Terminal chip card slot until the transaction is complete. You’ll see a confirmation message when it’s time to remove the card.

How can I swipe chip cards?

If the card has a chip on it, you need to insert chip cards into the dip slot. You can only swipe magstripe only cards or faulty chip cards. If your Square Terminal cannot read the chip after three attempts, you will be prompted to swipe the chip card.

Does my customer need to leave the chip card in the Square Terminal chip card slot while taking a payment?

Yes, the chip card needs to stay inserted in the Square Terminal card slot until the transaction is complete. The customer will see a confirmation message when it’s time to remove the card.

Manage Payments

How do I refund a transaction?

  1. From the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, tap Transactions.
    2.Select the payment you’d like to refund > Issue Refund.
  2. Tap Select All Items to refund the entire sale, select the specific items you’d like to refund, or tap Amount to refund a specific dollar amount.
  3. Tap Refund.

When issuing an itemized refund, the amount being refunded will reflect any applicable taxes (e.g. Sales Tax) and discounts for the selected item(s).

For Custom Amount transactions, you’ll have the option to refund any dollar amount up to the total amount of the sale.

How do I print a receipt for a previous transaction?

You can reprint a payment receipt from your Square Terminal. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. From the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, tap Transactions.
  2. Locate and tap the payment.
  3. Tap New Receipt > Paper Receipt.

Note: To find the transaction in your history, you can scroll through your transaction list or search by manually entering the card number, inserting, tapping, or swiping the card or payment device.

Note: Reprinting a receipt on the Square Terminal is not available when the Square Terminal is connected to Point of Sale as a customer display. Learn more about connecting Square Terminal to Point of Sale.

How do I use offline mode?

The Square Terminal requires an internet connection at all times to function properly. If your internet connection becomes interrupted or temporarily unavailable, you can enable Offline Mode to accept swiped card payments as a backup.

To enable Offline Mode:

  1. Tap More from the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Tap Settings > Checkout > Offline Mode.
  3. Toggle Allow Offline Mode to on.
  4. Review the information and then tap Allow Offline Mode.
  5. To set a limit for card transactions taken offline, enter an amount next to Per-Transaction Limit. This limit automatically defaults to $100 when Offline Mode is enabled and the maximum per-transaction limit is $50,000.

Any transactions accepted while in Offline Mode will be processed when you regain connectivity. If a payment is not processed within 24 hours, it will expire and the funds will not be captured from your customer.

When operating in Offline Mode, there is additional risk with any payments you accept. Square is not responsible for any loss due to declined cards, expired payments taken while offline, or for chargebacks. In addition, Square can not contact any customers on your behalf should a payment be declined or expire when taken in Offline Mode.

Can customers redeem Loyalty points on Square Terminal?

Yes. If your customer is enrolled in your business’
Square Loyalty program, they can redeem any earned rewards during checkout. Once your customer inserts their payment card to your Terminal, any rewards that can be redeemed will be reflected on your device’s screen that you can show to your customer. As soon as rewards are chosen and redeemed by the customer, you can continue through the checkout process as normal.

Note: In order for the rewards prompt to automatically appear on your device, the customer must be completing the transaction with the payment card that is linked to their Loyalty profile. Learn more about linked payment cards and how customers can redeem their rewards in our Support Center.

Manage Orders

Can I manage online orders on my Square Terminal?

Yes. With Square Terminal you can view and filter your orders by status or type, update order progress, update tracking information, and have your orders printed from the Square Terminal’s built in printer.

You can learn more about managing orders on Square Terminal in our Support Center.