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Accept Payments with Square Terminal

Accept Payments

  1. Tap Charge.

Contactless (Apple Pay, Google Pay or contactless device)
Ask your customer to hold a contactless device or card near the contactless symbol in the centre of the screen to start the payment.

Chip and PIN
Insert a chip and PIN card into the chip card slot and leave it in place until prompted for PIN entry. Have your customer enter their PIN, and remove the card when prompted by Terminal and the payment is complete. The front of the card with the chip on it should face up. Any chip and PIN card that is inserted requires PIN entry.

Swipe (magnetic stripe cards)
Swipe magnetic stripe cards through the magnetic stripe reader on the right side of Square Terminal. The magnetic stripe must face inwards.

Take an EMV payment with T2.

  1. Choose the best checkout option for your business.

  2. Arrange the main payment types or toggle off the less frequently used.


Connect Square Terminal to Square Point of Sale

In seconds, you can turn Square Terminal into a dedicated customer display and checkout device. You can also:

  • Let customers complete purchases anywhere: Keep your POS at the counter and use Square Terminal to let customers pay outside or tableside.

Learn how to connect Square Terminal for in-person payments.

Connect Square Terminal to Virtual Terminal

You can also connect your Square Terminal to a desktop computer or laptop so you never miss a sale – in-person or remotely. Be sure to access Virtual Terminal on a supported browser on your laptop or computer.

Learn how to connect Square Terminal with Virtual Terminal.

Additional Point of Sale Features

Square Terminal allows you to do a lot more than take payments. Learn more about what your device can do here.

Process Payments in Offline Mode 

With Offline Mode, you can accept card payments when your internet service is temporarily unavailable. Offline payments are processed automatically when you reconnect your device to the internet. Payments may be declined if not processed within 24 hours. Learn how to process payments in Offline Mode on your Square Terminal.

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