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Connect Square Terminal Supported Hardware

Square Terminal makes it easy to connect compatible hardware accessories, just plug them in and you are good to go! To start, be sure your Square Terminal is connected to the accessory hub, plugged into a power outlet, and powered on.

To connect accessories to your Square Terminal, you’ll need to purchase a Hub for Square Terminal.

To ensure that you are using supported accessories, check out our complete hardware compatibility list.

Connect Hardware to Square Terminal

  1. Ensure that your Square Terminal is connected to the accessory hub, power adapter, and power adapter cable.

  2. When a piece of hardware is properly connected, Square Terminal will confirm with an on-screen notification as well as with an audio indication.

To test your hardware accessories:

  1. Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left hand corner.

  2. Tap Settings.

  3. Scroll to Hardware and tap the hardware you’d like to test from the list (e.g., Cash Drawers, Printers).

From here, you’ll see your USB connected cash drawers, barcode scanners, and/or network connected printers.

Learn more about connecting hardware to your Square Terminal:

Troubleshoot the USB Bar code Scanner:

If you have any trouble connecting your bar code scanner to Square Terminal. Please give the following troubleshooting tips a try:

  • Make sure Square Terminal is plugged into the accessory hub, and the hub is plugged into the power adaptor. Ensure the power adaptor is plugged into an outlet.

  • Clear the Square Terminal accessory port of debris and dust.

  • Plug the bar code scanner into a different port on the USB accessory hub.

If you connect your bar code scanner and you receive the error message “USB DEVICE IS NOT COMPATIBLE”, you’ll need to reset your bar code scanner.

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