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How Customers Track Their Loyalty Status

Customers can check their loyalty status right from their Cash App.

Cash App is a free, secure, and easy way to send, spend, save, and invest your money. Customers can use Cash App to check their loyalty status at any Square seller that is subscribed to Square Loyalty. This makes it easier for your customers to track their loyalty points and rewards with your business.

Once a customer completes a transaction at your business, in person, through a Square Invoice, or Square Online transaction, they will receive an SMS notification that prompts them to view the loyalty status update in Cash App. If the customer does not have Cash App at the time of the transaction, the message will send them to a landing page where they can learn more about Cash App and Square Loyalty and  download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

In addition to viewing loyalty status from the Cash App, customers can view how many points they earned just by looking at their digital receipt once they have made an eligible purchase. Customers can also click on the Loyalty Status page link on the receipt for more information about the loyalty program, including available rewards and a record of loyalty activities.

Note: Buyers can only accrue points when completing an invoice payment at this time. Buyers are not able to redeem any available rewards through Square Invoices payments, but rewards can be claimed during checkout at your point of sale or through your Square Online site.

How it Works

Customers will be prompted to download Cash App via text when they enroll in your loyalty program or when they earn a reward.

Your customers set up their Cash App account with their phone number. In case their loyalty phone number isn’t linked to a Cash App account, they will receive an SMS text message with more information about Cash App and how to create an account to track their loyalty status.

If their phone number is already linked to an active Cash App account, they will be able to track their loyalty status from their Cash App and view their buyer status page for more information.

Your customers will also receive in-app notifications every time they earn a reward at your business. Customers can configure their Cash App notification settings directly in the app.

Viewing Their Loyalty Status From Cash App

Customers are able to view their loyalty status within Cash App. To do so, your customer will need to:

  1. Open the Cash App > tap the icon to view their Activity.

  2. Tap on a specific Square seller to view their loyalty points and rewards with that seller.

  3. Tap the points balance to view more details.

If your customer doesn't want to download Cash App, they can still view their loyalty program information through their online Buyer Status page. 

Disable Cash App Integration

If you do not want to direct your customers to be directed to Cash App to view their loyalty status, you can disable this feature directly from your online Square Dashboard:

1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard > Loyalty.

2. Click on the Settings tab and toggle OFF Enable Cash App Integration.

3. Press Save

If this integration is turned off, customers will be directed to an online buyer webpage where they can view their loyalty status details.

Digital Loyalty Pass

While physical loyalty membership cards aren’t currently available, you can use Apple Pay to enroll or check in to a seller’s loyalty program. You will receive a notification to add a digital loyalty pass for this business to the Apple Wallet on your iPhone. Once you tap the notification, you’ll need to verify your contact information, agree to the terms and conditions, and add the loyalty pass to your digital wallet.

The digital loyalty pass will reflect the business name, the available point balance, the membership start date, and the account holder name and phone number. Once you add the pass to your wallet, you can tap the seller display screen or contactless card reader with your smartphone for future transactions to automatically check in to the business’ loyalty program, accrue points, and redeem any available rewards. Digital loyalty passes can also be claimed through digital receipts and your online buyer status page with a business’s loyalty program as well.

Note: Adding loyalty passes is only available on iOS smartphones. Transactions must be completed on a Square iOS point of sale device or Square Register in order to receive a notification to add a digital loyalty pass to a digital wallet.