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How Customers Redeem Their Rewards

Square merchants can send rewards to customers via text message, which you can redeem by visiting a merchant’s location.

Enrol in a Square Merchant’s Loyalty Programme

There are several ways to enrol in a participating merchant’s Square Loyalty programme: during checkout at their business, when completing a Square Invoices transaction, and through an invitation email that is sent if you didn’t enrol after your last eligible purchase. You’ll enrol by entering your phone number and your earned points and rewards will be associated with this phone number, so make sure to always use the same one regardless of how you pay.

Note: You’ll only be given the option to enrol after making a purchase eligible for points, according to the merchant’s Loyalty Programme rules.

Enrol at the Point of Sale

During checkout, you’ll see a Loyalty enrolment screen asking for your phone number to sign up for a business’ Loyalty programme or to check in to an existing Loyalty programme. Enter your 10-digit phone number to claim your points. At this point, you’ll receive a text message confirmation with a link to your Loyalty status page.

After your payment has been approved, you’ll be prompted to enter a receipt preference: emailed or text message digital receipts, or no receipt. 

Enrol via email after a purchase

If you visited a participating merchant and didn’t claim your point at checkout, you’ll receive an invitation to enrol in the merchant’s Loyalty Programme and claim your point after each eligible purchase. To enrol:

  1. Look for an email from the merchant regarding their Loyalty Programme.

  2. Follow the prompt to Claim Your Points.

  3. Enter your phone number and select Claim Your Points.

You’ll see a confirmation and an invite to Check Your Loyalty Status, which you can do at any time from this link.

Note: Enrolment invitation emails may take a few hours to reach your inbox after your purchase, and will only be sent if you provided an email address for a digital receipt.

Enrol via a Square Invoice

Square Invoices can be sent for completion via the email address or mobile phone number that is on file for you with the business. Once you receive an invoice, take the following steps to enrol or check in to a business’ Square Loyalty programme:

  1. On the Invoice summary page, select Enrol or check in.

  2. On the next screen, provide your phone number.

  3. Select Enrol or check in and proceed through to complete the invoice payment. You will see any available points earned at the top of the page.

  4. Once the invoice payment is complete, select Track your rewards progress to view your rewards progress, account information, and any available points.

Note: Buyers can only accrue points when completing an invoice payment at this time. Buyers are not able to redeem any available rewards through Square Invoices payments, but rewards can be claimed during checkout at a point of sale or through a Square Online site.

View Your Square Loyalty Status

When you enrol in a Square merchant’s Loyalty Programme, you’ll receive a welcome text message including a link to your status page. This page includes your progress towards a reward, earned rewards, current tier, linked payments cards and an overview of your rewards activity with that merchant.

To view your Loyalty status with a specific Square merchant: 

  1. Access the Square merchant’s Loyalty Status page link. 

  2. Enter your phone number and select Request Loyalty Code.

  3. Enter the Loyalty code received via text message, then select Sign In.

  4. In case you are not enrolled in the merchant’s Loyalty Programme, you will be prompted to enrol to start earning Points.

If you no longer have the welcome text message with the link to your status page, you can resend it to yourself the next time you claim a point. Simply tap the field containing your phone number and the link will be resent via text message.

Note: You will need to have a mobile phone number to enrol in a Square seller’s Loyalty Programme and view your Loyalty status.

Redeem Your Rewards

When you visit a merchant, you can redeem your reward by providing the cashier with your name or phone number.

You can also select your reward at checkout if you pay with a debit or credit card linked to your loyalty account, and apply it to your current purchase.

When you redeem a reward, your card statement may initially show a pending charge for the full transaction amount. When the transaction is finalised, usually 1–2 days later, the charge will reflect the discounted price. You may also receive a text message once your Loyalty status has been updated with the business. 

Note: With Loyalty in Receipts, you can view how many points you’ve just earned by looking at your digital receipt. You can also click on your Loyalty status page link on the receipt for more information about the Loyalty Programme, including available rewards, current tier and historical Loyalty activities. However, Loyalty points earned only appear on digital receipts and do not appear on printed receipts at this time.

Unlink Your Payment Cards

When you enrol in a Square merchant’s Loyalty Programme, you’ll receive a welcome text message that includes a link to your status page and information about your linked payment cards. You can unlink any payment cards from the Loyalty status page.

Reward Redemption Frequently Asked Questions

How did Square get my contact information?

After you visit a business and provide your email address to receive digital receipts, businesses you frequent may deliver messages via Square that include discounts and rewards, including a Loyalty Programme.

Note: If you provide a phone number, Square Loyalty Programmes use your phone number to track visits and update you on earned rewards.

How do I update my email preferences for receipts from Square merchants?

Open any email receipt you’ve received from a Square merchant and click Manage Preferences. Learn more about managing your receipt preferences.

Can I redeem a portion of a reward and keep the difference for later?

Not at this time. A reward can be redeemed once. If you don’t redeem the full value, the remainder of the reward can’t be redeemed at a later time.

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