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Create a Service from the Square Appointments App

You can create a service directly from the Square Appointments app.

You are also able to add variations and modifiers to your services. For example, charging less for short vs. long hair services.

Create Service

To get started:

  1. From the app navigation bar, tap Items and Services.

  2. Select the + symbol.

  3. Enter the service details and decide which staff members can perform the services.

  4. Tap Save.

Read more about getting started with Square Appointments.

Add a Variation to a Service

To get started:

  1. Select a service you’d like to add a variation to from the Service Library > click Add Variation.

  2. Enter variation name, price details, and duration > Online Booking.

  3. For each variation choose whether or not the variation will be bookable online and what team members can preform the service variation > Locations.

  4. Choose which locations this service is available at > Create and Add Another or select > Done.

  5. Click Save.

Add a Color to a Service

You can assign a color to each service to view your calendar by service instead of by staff member. If there are multiple services for an appointment, the appointment will show multiple colors on your calendar. 

To assign colors to each service:

  1. Go to Items & Services from the menu.

  2. Tap Services.

  3. Select one of your services.

  4. Tap the color badge and select the color you want to assign to the service.

  5. Tap Save.

  6. Repeat for your other services.

To view your calendar by service:

  1. From the calendar screen, open your Calendar settings.

  2. Scroll to Color code and select By service.

  3. Tap Save.

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