Employee Timecard Reporting

Timecards help you manage your employees – both their total hours worked and revenue per working hour. With these tools, you can view performance insights for all your employees. Learn more about creating and managing timecards with Square.

Timecard Reports

Review and run reports on timecard activity from the Timecards section of your online Square Dashboard.

  • Activity: Search and make edits on any timecards that start or end within the manually-selected search criteria.

  • Labor Cost: Review total hours and labor costs necessary to pay your employees. All totals will be based on the manually-entered search criteria.

Labor vs. Sales Reporting

With Square’s Labor vs Sales reporting, you can compare your hourly labor costs to your net sales in one report. When you’re able to compare your cost of labor with your sales, you can make smart business decisions in a snap – like optimizing your staffing schedules to ensure that the right number of employees are scheduled for peak times. In order to use Labor vs Sales reporting you must be subscribed to Employee Management, and your employees must have a wage assigned to them.

Review your Labor Vs. Sales Report:

To compare your cost of labor with your sales:

  1. Visit Reports > Labor vs Sales in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Filter your report by day, week, month, employee, or location.
  3. Export if desired.

Labor reporting does not backfill previous timecards so it takes a few days of employees clocking in/out to populate the reporting with labor data. Sales data populates on its own.

Add Wages to your Employees

Each of your employees must have an hourly wage assigned to them before you can get started with Square’s Labor vs. Sales reporting. To add a wage to each employee:

  1. Visit Employees in your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click the employee you would like to edit.
  3. Enter the employee’s hourly wage
  4. Click Save.

Note: Your employees will need to clock in and out for a few days before there is enough data for the report. Timecards that were created prior to adding wage information to an employee will not populate retroactively.

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