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Permissions Required for the Square App

In order for the Square app to function properly, certain permissions must be turned on from your mobile device. These permissions allow your device to communicate with the app and process payments.

Square App Permissions

Permissions Why Square Needs Access
Microphone Some Square Readers use the microphone connection built into your headset jack to communicate payment card data to your device.
Geo-location Square needs to know where transactions take place to reduce risk and minimize payment disputes.
Camera To upload your account logo, profile images, and item images.
Contacts The app pulls in your contacts when you create mobile invoices.
Manage Calls (Android) To connect the Square Reader to your Android device.
Bluetooth (iOS) To connect Bluetooth devices to the Square App on iOS.
Local Network (iOS) To connect network printers to the Square App on your iOS device.

Note: Security is very important at Square. Learn more about how Square protects your information.