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Create Multiple Square Point of Sale Accounts

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If you have multiple businesses or need individual separate accounts, you have the ability to create multiple accounts and use the same mobile device, reader, and bank account. You can link multiple external bank accounts to your Square account to easily update where you receive your transfers between your locations, but individual Square accounts can share a bank account if needed.

Note: You’ll only need one account to manage a single business with several locations. Learn how to create a single account with multiple locations.

You can link multiple external bank accounts to your Square account from the Bank Accounts tab in your online Square Dashboard. Click Add external bank account to enter your bank account details and complete the bank verification process. Learn how to link or edit your bank account.

Create Multiple Accounts

To get started creating multiple accounts, sign out of the Square app on your device, and either sign back in with a different account you’ve already created, or choose the option to create a new account. To sign up for a new account, you’ll need to provide a unique email address and specify the country where you plan to process credit cards.

You’ll then be prompted to go through the activation flow with this new email address. Even if you’re setting up a business account, we’ll need to verify your personal identity as the account holder.

If you have employees, you can use Square’s Advanced Access features to invite them to take payments on your behalf, rather than creating individual accounts.

To process payments between multiple Square accounts on the same device, be sure to double-check which account you are signed in to prior to processing payments. We’re unable to transfer money between accounts.

If you have multiple locations, you can also sign in to multiple devices using device codes, without creating multiple Square accounts. Learn more about multi-location management and device codes.