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Square Get Started Guide

Find a POS designed just for your business.

Download the Square Point of Sale app free today, right on your phone or tablet.

The Square app is the simplest way to accept credit card payments and has all the features you need to create a seamless payment experience between you and your customers. Whatever your business’ size, Square has the tools you need to grow. Manage locations and team members from an administrator account, customize inventory and get advanced sales reports to make informed decisions about your business from the online Square Dashboard.

Get Started 

Before accepting payments with Square, you should make sure you’re using a supported device and that your account is ready to go when you are. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Check if your mobile device is compatible with the Square app.

  2. Learn about Square’s fees.

  3. Sign up for a Square account.

  4. Create or link locations.

  5. Link a bank account to each location.

  6. Select a transfer schedule that works for your business.

  7. Download the Square app.

  8. Find a retail store and get your $10 reader redemption.

  9. Customize your public business information.

  10. Learn how to call or email Square Support.

Set Up Your Business

After you’ve signed up and activated your Square account, you’re ready to customize your Square app and item library to make checkout a breeze. Follow these steps to set up your app:

  1. Customize your tip settings with smart tips or custom tip amounts.

  2. Enable sign and tip for printed receipts.

  3. Set signature preferences for payments.

  4. Create modifier sets, discounts and sales tax.

  5. Enable cash drawer management.

  6. Create your item library, categories, and set up item price points or bulk upload items.

  7. Establish inventory levels and set stock alerts.

  8. Create Permission Groups, Employees and Employee Passcodes.

  9. Create Device Codes to pair your devices to your business locations.

Accept Payments and Run Your Business

With your library and settings established, you and your staff will be able to quickly accept payments in-person, over the phone, and through invoices. Send customers receipts, or process refunds to keep your customers happy. Read these steps to learn how to use Square to run your business:

  1. Accept in-person payments with the Square Reader

  2. Accept over-the-phone payments without the Square Reader

  3. Accept cash, cheques, gift certificates and other tender payments

  4. Start, end and manage cash drawer sessions

  5. Accept payments without an Internet connection

  6. Send receipts

  7. Send invoices online or send invoices from an Android mobile device

  8. Process full or partial refunds from your dashboard or the Square app

Make The Most of Your Business Data

Square gives you access to your payment data, including item and modifier sales, taxes, discounts and customer behaviour, all from your online dashboard. Learn how to view, download and make the most of your data:

  1. Review and download your Sales reports online

  2. Review and print your Sales reports in-app

  3. Review your Transaction Status Report

  4. Put Square data to work

Troubleshooting Square

We work hard to make Square easy to use and intuitive. But just in case you run into trouble, follow the steps below to resolve most issues:

  1. If you have trouble creating an account, review these signup troubleshooting tips

  2. Check your bank verification status

  3. Reset your password

  4. Update the Square app

  5. Update your device’s software

  6. Swiping and card reader troubleshooting

  7. Ensure successful payments

  8. Troubleshoot declined cards

  9. Troubleshoot issues with your Square Dashboard

Grow your Business with Square

Once you start accepting payments with Square, expand your business with partner integrations and more. 

Connect with Third-Party Apps

To Do Why?
Create Custom Apps Square’s existing tools are just the start. Create custom apps for your data or connect with the services you already use.

Engage with your Customers

To Do Why?
Upload Customer Directory Manage your customer information from your online Square Dashboard or the Square app.
Reach out to your customers Send marketing campaigns, offers and announcements to customers directly from your online Dashboard in minutes.

Sell Online

To Do Why?
Set Up Square Online Create a powerful, professional eCommerce website with Square’s eCommerce partners and track all your sales in one place. Connect your Square account to accept online payments and sell your items. If you’re working with a developer, integrate with Square using Square’s Developer Tools.

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