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Manage Your Square Appointments Account Settings

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Manage your Square Appointments account – including your calendar and booking settings, payments, cancellation policy, client relations and history – from the Settings tab of your Square Appointments dashboard. 

Customise your Public Appointments Profile

If you’re already a Square seller, your basic business information carries over to your Appointments account. Follow the steps below to customise or edit your Square Appointments profile. The information in your location profile will appear on your booking site, website widget and email communications.

  1. Click Account & Settings > Business from your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Locations.

  3. Select or create a location > enter business details, including address, contact information, logo branding and opening hours.

  4. Click Save.

Note: Initially, the business hours and time zone set in the location profile set staff availability and permissions as well. You can customise staff availability from Staff in your Appointments account. Changes in staff hours do not affect your overall business hours.

Manage Appointments Calendar and Scheduling Settings

From the Appointments > Settings > Calendar & Booking tab, you can manage how appointments are offered to your clients. 

Square Appointment preferences

Select where you accept appointments:

  • In-person at your business
  • In-person at your client’s location
  • In-person at both your business and your client’s location
  • Virtual or via phone only

Online booking preferences

In the Reservation Guarantee section, you have two options:

  • Your business automatically accepts all appointment requests.
  • Your business must manually accept or decline all appointment requests.

Online Scheduling

Appointments are scheduled

Determine when appointments can be scheduled.

  • According to service duration: Splits your availability into time slots that match the duration of the service. For example, 20-minute services will split your available time into 20-minute slots.
  • On the quarter hour: Displays available slots on the quarter hour. For example: 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 3:45.
  • On the half hour: Displays available slots on the half hour. For example: 3:00, 3:30, 4:00.
  • On the hour: Displays available slots at the top of the hour. For example: 3:00, 4:00, 5:00.

Appointments must be made in advance

Set how far in advance your clients need to book appointments, from one hour to four weeks.

Appointments can’t be scheduled farther out than

Limit how far in advance clients can schedule an appointment — between seven days to 365 days. This is useful if you’re not sure what your schedule will look like a few weeks or months down the road.

Reschedule or cancel

Toggle Clients may reschedule or cancel their own appointments on or off.

Cut-off time for allowing clients to cancel or reschedule

Set how far in advance clients can cancel or reschedule an appointment from none, one day or up to two weeks.

Show option to book with “Any Available” staff member

Clients will be able to choose from all available time slots and have a staff member assigned automatically.

Allow multiple services to be booked online

Clients will be able to book multiple services for a single appointment when booking online.

Allow multiple staff to be booked in a single appointment

Customers will be able to book different services with different staff, in a single appointment. Tips on multi-staff appointments will be split proportional to service value.

Note: This is a Square Appointments Plus or Premium feature.

Remove staff from the online booking site

Customers booking with you online will no longer see any mention of “Staff”. Services will still be assigned to “Staff” automatically so you will still see them, but the customer does not. This is recommended if allowing customers to see a staff member on an appointment is not desired.

Daily appointment limit

All staff will still be able to book over this threshold. However, customer online bookings will not be available for that day once the maximum has been reached.

Manage Calendar Sync

Integrate your Square Appointments Calendar with your personal Google Calendar to view your appointments and personal events across platforms. Learn how to sync your calendars.

Fake-it Filter

The Fake-it Filter allows you to remove some of your availability to give the appearance that your business is busier, or just reserve a percentage of your day for other tasks.

  • Off: Does not apply any filters to your calendar.

  • Remove 25% of my availability: Removes about 25% of your total open time.

  • Remove 40% of my availability: Removes about 40% of your open time.

  • Remove 50% of my availability: Removes about 50% of your open time.

Manage Appointment Communications

Under the Communications tab of your Appointments dashboard, you can configure confirmations, reminders or email notifications.

Confirmations and Reminders

Choose when and how your clients receive confirmations and reminders regarding their appointments. If a client hasn’t confirmed by the time a reminder is scheduled, we will resend the confirmation request within the reminder message.

Tip: Confirm your client's email address or phone number – particularly for new clients – to ensure that your client receives the appointment confirmation request or reminder.

Confirmation Request

If toggled on, choose between text message, email, or both as the confirmation method.

Choose when to send the confirmation request between two hours prior to up to one week prior to the appointment.

Text Reminder

If toggled on, choose when to send a text message reminder between one hour prior or three days prior to the appointment.

Email Reminder

If toggled on, choose when to send an email reminder between one hour prior or three days prior to the appointment.

Digital Contracts

Collect additional information from your customers after an appointment is booked using Contract Templates. If you have multiple locations, you will need to create contracts for each location.

Learn how to send digital customer forms with Square Appointments.

Email Notification Customisation

Use this section to customise the optional message in the email notifications sent to your clients. Use bracketed variables to include dynamically generated information. Text message notifications cannot be customised. Emails are sent in the language of your business.

Click any email or text template to customise a notification. Note: Don't include marketing or promotional material.

Engage with Your Clients with Square Marketing

Your clients are automatically added to your Customer Directory. From there, you can send marketing emails and rewards to strengthen your relationships with your existing client base.

Manage Services

Build a list of your services and choose which staff members can be booked for those services. Learn about embeddable website widgets to override these settings.

Create Services

Create your services from the Service Library tab in the Item Library of your online Square Dashboard:

  1. Click Create Service.

  2. Enter the service name, description, duration and a pricing option.

  3. Click Add Variation to add variation details, choose online booking options and select available locations.

  4. Block off any necessary transition time between appointments and click Save.

Pricing Options

Many service prices may vary depending on the client and the service duration. Pricing options allow you to control how a service’s price is displayed to a prospective client during online booking. Your options:

  • Fixed Pricing: A fixed price will display the exact price to the client.

    • Example: ‘Haircut: €50’

  • Variable Pricing: A customised price will be entered at the time of checkout.

    • Example: ‘Haircut: Price Varies’

  • Display Pricing: Displays custom text alongside the service.

    • Example: ‘Haircut: Free’ or ‘Haircut: Call Us’

Edit the Order of Displayed Services

You can change the display order of your online Appointments booking services. To do so from your online Square Dashboard:

  1. Click Customers > Appointments > Online Booking > Channels.

  2. Next to Enable online booking, click Manage.

  3. Select Manage service and category order, then toggle on

    Display categories online.

    Note: If you have multiple locations, click ••• and select Manage service and category next to the location’s booking site that you want to edit.

  4. Drag and drop categories to change the order in which they're displayed and services to change the order in which they're displayed under a category.

    Note: To edit categories or a service category, go to Items > Services.

  5. Click Save.

Note: If you do not need to organise your services into categories and only need to change the order of your services, follow the steps above but do not toggle the Display categories online option.

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