Set up fulfillment types with Square for Retail

Who is this article for?
This article is for retail owners and staff with a Square for Retail Free, Plus or Premium subscription. If your staff need to set up or edit fulfillment methods, make sure the Full Square Online Access permission is enabled for their role. Learn more about custom permissions with Square.

Choose your fulfillment types

You can choose from multiple fulfillment types depending on your business needs: 

  • In store 

  • Shipping

  • Pickup

  • Delivery

  • Self-serve

Before you begin

Deciding how to fulfill your customer’s orders will depend on the products your business sells and the expectations of your customers.

Set up fulfillment

To get started, expand the Fulfillment tab from your Square Online overview page. From here you can select the options that work best for your business. 

Click through the fulfillment types below to decide which is a good fit for your business. The linked Support Center articles include detailed instructions for setting up each fulfillment type.

In store

When adding an item to the cart, select “In Store,” “Shipment” or “Pickup” as the fulfillment method. All items are defaulted to fulfil in store, but you can easily create an order by setting it up for shipment or pickup.

All items in the cart must follow the same fulfillment method. Your customers can’t check out when the items in their cart have different fulfillment methods.


With Square for Retail, you can create orders with shipping fulfillment and utilize shipping rate profiles to automatically calculate shipping fees. You can set up and manage these profiles in your Square Dashboard and they will automatically be applied to future orders to save you time manually calculating fees for each order.

Note: To use shipping rate profiles, your Square Retail POS app must be updated to the most recent app version.

To apply a shipping rate profile with Square Retail POS, you must set up the order manager in your app settings.

  1. Open the Square POS app, then tap ≡ More > Settings.
  2. Tap Orders > Order creation.
  3. Toggle on Enable order creation in checkout.

Learn how to Fulfil and complete orders with Square for Retail. Review Set up shipping areas and rates with Square Online to create shipping profile(s) and define your shipping options.


If a customer purchases an item from Square Online, they can pick it up from your brick-and-mortar location, either in-store or curbside. They can also have it delivered to them if the order is for local delivery, or sent to their table for self-serve ordering.

Review detailed setup instructions for
In-Store and Curbside Pickup with Square Online.

In-house delivery

You can offer nearby customers a way to have their orders delivered by your own couriers or delivery staff.

Review detailed setup instructions for In-House Delivery with Square Online.

On-demand delivery

Offer nearby customers a way to have their orders delivered by a courier from a reliable local delivery service provider. Review detailed setup instructions for On-Demand Delivery with Square Online.

Self-Serve (QR code ordering)

Allow your in-person customers to self-serve with a contactless ordering experience using your custom QR codes.
Review detailed setup instructions for QR code ordering with Square Online.

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