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Customize Shared Social Media Links for Square Online

When someone shares a link to your Square Online site on Facebook or Twitter, the appearance of the link is controlled by a set of . You can change the image and text that appear when a page of your site is shared using the social settings in the Square Online site editor.

Note: Changes to social media previews and SEO information can take time to show up in social media and search engine results.

Individual Pages


In your Square Online site editor, choose a page to work with in the Page drop-down menu, then select the gear icon to View page settings. In the pop-up window, go to the Social tab.


In the Social tab, you can see a preview of how your link will appear when shared. Select the arrow to switch the preview between Facebook and Twitter.


You’ll be able to add a custom image that will be shown when the page is shared on Facebook or Twitter. Choose and upload an image from your device, or simply drag an image file directly into the box to start uploading.

Review the social preview to check it out after adding your image. If you want to remove the image or upload a different one, use the Delete button to remove your image and upload a new one using the same method.


Finally, add a custom link title and description for this page, or choose to use the existing title and description from the SEO options. Save your changes when you’re finished and follow the same steps for any other pages on your website.

Entire Site


You can also customize the appearance of social media links for your entire site. In your Square Online Overview page, go to Website > SEO and select the Update social media button.

Note: Updating how shared links look on Facebook and Twitter in this area will update the settings for your site’s homepage in the Square Online site editor.

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