If you’re using Employee Management, your employees can clock in and out directly from the Square app. You can manage your employees’ timecards from your online Square Dashboard. 

Turn on Timecard Tracking

Log into the app and visit Settings > Employee Management > toggle “Track Time from Point of Sale” on.

If you’ve paired a device to a specific location, you’ll need to make sure that your employees have permission to work in that location. To check, go to Employee List in your online Square Dashboard and click the employee name to make sure the correct locations are selected.

Manager Timecard Controls

From your online Dashboard, you can modify timecards, view time tracking reports, or clock employees out if they forget. 

  • Timecard Report: Export a Timecard Report as a CSV file with the employee name, location, and total hours worked.
  • Open Timecards: View timecards for employees who clocked in but haven’t clocked out. You can Clock Out employees here.
  • View Shift History: Create a new timecard or edit saved timecards.

Employee Clock In/Out

Before you can track employee hours, you’ll need to assign each employee a Point of Sale passcode so they can clock in and out of the app.

To clock in or out on a tablet, your employees can tap the clock icon in the bottom-right of the Square app:

The clock icon in Square Point of Sale will display if employee management is enabled.

On a phone, employees need to follow the steps below:

  1. Tap: Three Horizontal Lines
  2. Tap Clock In/Out.

Note: Mobile cashiers signing in to the Square app with their own login will not be prompted to enter a Point of Sale passcode to clock in or out.