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Accept Payments with Square Stand

After you set up your Square Stand with your iPad, swipe cards through the track in the front of the stand, insert card or tap a contactless debit or credit card or an Apple or Android Pay enabled device to accept payments with contactless and chip reader.

To accept payments using Square Stand:

  1. Sign in with the email address and password associated with your Square account.
  2. If you’ve created items, tap the item(s) you’d like to sell from your Item Library or Favourites Page, or scan the barcode of an item with a SKU saved to your Item Library. Your item will be added to the current sale on the right.
  3. To enter a custom sale amount, tap the keypad button located at the right side of the bottom navigation bar. You can also select a variable price item saved to your Item Library.
  4. Tap on the item in the the right-hand panel to add a description, create modifications, change the quantity and apply tax. When you’re done, tap cancel or save.
  5. Insert or tap your customer’s payment method with the contactless + chip reader or key in payment card information while your iPad is secured in the stand. Keep in mind, if you are accepting a tip and your customer wants to tap, you’ll need to select Contactless as the payment type before your customer taps.
  6. Input your customer’s preferred receipt delivery method. If your Square Stand is connected to a receipt or kitchen printer, you also can print a receipt and kitchen ticket.

Accept Credit Card Payments in Offline Mode with Square Stand

If you experience any connectivity issues, you can turn on Offline Mode to accept payments without an Internet connection. While credit cards can be swiped or manually entered in Offline mode, you won’t be able to take any payments on your Square Contactless + Chip reader, including tap Interac debit cards. Transactions you accept while in Offline Mode will be processed if you regain Internet connectivity within 72 hours.

Payments processed offline will have the same standard rate.

After processing payments offline, make sure you reconnect your mobile device to the Internet (either Wi-Fi or a data service plan such as 3G, 4G or EDGE) within 72 hours. Payments that haven’t been uploaded within 72 hours will expire and the money will not be captured.