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Update multiple items at once with bulk actions in Dashboard

If you have to make updates to multiple items at once, you can save time with bulk actions from your Square Item Library in Dashboard.

For information on other item features beyond bulk actions, check out creating and managing items from Square Dashboard.

Note: If you have items with multiple variations, such as size or colour, you can bulk edit those options in a spreadsheet directly from your Item Library in Dashboard. Learn how to bulk edit items in Square Dashboard for more details.

Filter and bulk edit items

To update multiple items with bulk actions:

  1. From your Square Item Library, use the item filters to narrow down your search.

  2. Mark the tickbox by each item you want to edit to see the corresponding editing options appear under Actions.

Available bulk actions

You can perform the following actions in bulk:

  • Update online visibility: can be scheduled

  • Update online sale price: can be scheduled

  • Update low stock alert

  • Archive: learn more about archiving items

Schedule item updates

Note: Schedule item updates by upgrading your Square Online subscription.

With scheduled item updates, you can schedule online item visibility and online sale price changes ahead of time to run special sales or launch new products on your Square Online site. You can schedule updates for individual items or for multiple items via bulk actions. Learn more about scheduling item updates for Square Online items.

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