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Customer Confirmations with Square Appointments

Specify when and how your customers receive confirmation requests regarding their appointments. You can automatically send your customers a text and/or email to confirm their appointment ahead of time. This will ease your day to day by reducing no shows and improving sales.

All sellers can adjust this timing, turning the functionality on or off altogether. To do so, please follow the below steps:

Edit Your Confirmations Settings

From the Appointments Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab of your Appointments Dashboard.

  2. Select Communications > click the toggle to turn the feature on or off.

  3. Select the delivery method (email and/or text message reminder), and when you’d like these to be sent out.

  4. Click Save to apply your changes.

From the Appointments App

Open you Square Appointments app on your mobile device > tap on the three horizontal lines and navigate to Settings.
Under Customer Notifications, select the delivery method (email and/or text message) and when you’d like these to be sent out. You can also click the toggle to turn the feature on or off.

From Square Register

Make sure you are signed into Square Appointments on your Square Register, and tap on the down arrow to navigate to Settings. Within Customer Communication, toggle on Send Confirmation Request select the delivery method (SMS and/or email) and when you’d like these to be sent out. You can also set appointment reminders.

View Confirmation Details

From the Appointments Details page, you will be able to see the appointment confirmation details. If an appointment has not yet been confirmed by your client, you can either resend a confirmation request or mark the appointment as confirmed.

You can also view all of your client’s confirmation status’ directly from your Appointments Calendar on your Appointments Dashboard. Confirmed appointments will show a check mark next to the appointment, and unconfirmed appointments will show a question mark.

Note: When you have Customer Confirmations turned on, and an appointment is either created by you or by your customer at the last minute, the appointment may auto-confirm.

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