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Square Payment Links FAQ

Review answers to frequently asked questions about using Square Payment Links.

What are the transaction limits for Square Payment Links?

All Square sellers have a per transaction limit of $50,000. Donations are limited to $7,000 per transaction.

What will my source reporting look like?

For transactions completed through Square Payment Links, source reporting will show Payment link as the source in the online Square Dashboard. You can also see the total sales per link (for the past year) in the Square Online Checkout home page.

In order for your employees to see payment link sales transactions (including their own), you need to enable Transactions in Permissions:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, go to Staff > Team > Permissions.
  2. Select Edit permissions.
  3. Select Transactions from the list of permissions and toggle on Transactions. Note: The ‘View all completed sales transactions for all team members’ check box must be checked.
  4. Select Continue to set up access points.
  5. Select Save when finished.

Can my employees create, update and manage settings for payment links?

Yes. To enable the payment link permissions for your team:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, go to Staff > Team > Permissions.
  2. Select the button to enable or edit permissions Edit permissions.
  3. Select Payment links from the list of permissions and toggle on ‘Payment links’. Note: If you want to enable all permissions in the list at once (except bank account management), toggle on Full access.

  1. Select Continue to set up access points.
  2. Select Save when finished.

Where can I view the full payment link URL?

You can view each payment link from the Payment links home page of your online Square Dashboard. Just select Payment links and you will see all of the links you’ve created in one place. Click on the link you want to view and a card will slide out which displays the link URL and other options to share the link via QR code or social media.

Can I send the same payment link to multiple customers?

Yes! Multiple customers can access the same payment link for an individual item.

Can my customers use coupons on payment links?

Yes. Customers can apply the coupons you create with Square Marketing to the Square Payment Links you share with them. Your customers will need to enter the coupon code in the designated field in your payment link’s checkout screen for the discount to apply. One coupon can be applied per payment link.

Why can’t my requested item be found?

If you also have Square Online, navigate to your Square Online overview page > Items > Item sync to turn on the Automatically add new items to this site option and make sure your items are set to Visible. This will make sure those items are available for online selling through your payment links.

Can I add custom fields to my payment links?

Yes. Click Advanced Settings > Add custom fields to add up to two custom fields to your payment link and request additional information from your customers.

Can I redirect customers to a website once they check out?

Yes. To direct your customers to a page on your website after they complete the checkout process, toggle on Redirect to a website after checkout in the Advanced Settings section and add a custom URL.

How do I add an image to my checkout page?

Images are available for payment links that are created in the Item Library. Go to your Item Library to enable payment links and add an image for your item.

What size is required for my images?

Your image must have a minimum width of 320px for a larger image.

How can I limit ticket sales for events I create with Square Payment Links?

When you create a Square Payment Link for an event from your online Square Dashboard, enter the number of participants in the ‘Event capacity’ field in the ‘Advanced settings’ section.

Will my customers receive my customised receipts for items purchased through payment links?

Not at this time. Customers will receive a basic Square receipt by default. There is not a way to customise the receipts associated with payment link purchases.

Why can’t I create a payment link using the payment links add-on?

Payment links can only be enabled for one location at a time. To confirm the location where you are currently logged in to the app, select ≡ More > Settings > Account > Location.
You can change the location you want to use to track sales and inventory for payment links in your Square Dashboard by going to Payments > Payment links > Settings > General and selecting a ‘Primary location’.

Which payment methods can my customers use to pay the payment link I shared?

When a customer clicks the payment link for an item, they’ll be directed to a single checkout page where they can pay with a card of their choice or digital wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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