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Payments with Square for Restaurants

Once you’ve set up your hardware and signed in to Square for Restaurants devices, you’re ready to start processing payments. From your free Square for Restaurants app, you can accept card payments or Afterpay in-person.

Afterpay and Square for Restaurants


With Square for Restaurants and Afterpay, customers to pay for in person transactions in four instalments over six weeks.

  • If you’re eligible, you can accept Afterpay payments in store via your Square for Restaurants POS app.
  • Afterpay in-person is available with Square for Restaurants Free, Plus and Premium plans.
  • For all transactions, merchants get paid in full – immediately.

Learn more about Afterpay and Square.

Afterpay Pricing

Square sellers using Afterpay get paid the full amount at the time of purchase, minus a processing fee on the total order. Enabling Afterpay with Square is free — there are no monthly fees or startup costs. You only pay when you make a sale for in-person transactions. There are no processing fees charged on the remaining instalments or if your customer makes a late payment.

Afterpay in-person processing fee is 6% + 30¢ (excluding GST) per sale.

Note: Afterpay rates are fixed and do not vary by subscription type, hardware, or custom pricing.

Enable or Disable Afterpay

You can go to Payment Methods to enable or disable Afterpay at any time.

Note: The setting for In-person payments with Afterpay is global and applies across all Square products that can also take Afterpay payments in-person. This includes other online platforms such as Square Point of Sale, Square Appointments, Square for Retail and Virtual Terminal. There isn’t a way to enable/disable Afterpay only for Square for Restaurants at this time.

Afterpay Eligibility

To see if you are eligible for Afterpay, visit our In-Person eligibility.

Here are a few tips to make closing out checks even easier.

Split Payments

For larger parties, you may need to split a bill or use multiple forms of tender. For each form of tender accepted, a separate receipt will be issued. Each receipt will display the total sale amount, all items sold, and the type of tender used. You can either split bills evenly or customise the amount across each form of payment.

Note: Splitting a payment and splitting bills perform two different actions. To learn how to split a bill, visit our Bill Management article.

Split a Payment Between Multiple Forms of Tender

  1. Select the bill you’d like to split > tap Pay.

  2. Choose Split Amount at the top right of the screen.

  3. Enter the Payment Amount for the first tender type.

  4. Tap Continue to return to the Payment Method screen.

  5. If you need to edit the amount to be charged, tap Edit Split.

  6. To cancel one or more Split Tender payments before completing the transaction, tap Edit Split > Cancel.

  7. Select a tender type and complete the transaction.

  8. Continue processing the additional tender types until the entire sale has been completed.

Split a Bill vs. Split a Payment

In the Square for Restaurants app, you can either split a bill or split a payment.

  • To split items onto a separate bill, tap Actions > Split. This allows you to separate
    items from one bill onto a separate bill.
    You would use this if a party wanted to individually pay for what they ordered.

  • To split a payment, tap Pay > Split in the upper right-hand corner, and then the customer can use multiple payment methods.
    You would use this when a party wanted to evenly divide a bill between all customers.

Note: When splitting a payment, you must complete the entire payment at the time of sale. Payments are cancelled if the full payment is not captured at the time of the split.

Smart Split

To split a payment evenly across multiple payment cards:

  1. Select the bill you’d like to split > tap Pay.

  2. Choose Split Amount at the top right of the screen.

  3. Under Split into Equal Payments, select how many ways you would like to split this payment.

  4. Select a tender type and complete the transaction.

  5. Continue processing the additional tender types until the entire sale has been completed.

Troubleshooting Tips for Split Tender Payments

  • Split tender payment isn’t complete until the entire amount of the sale has been processed and there’s no remaining balance. This means if you only complete the first form of tender and not the whole transaction amount, no funds will be collected.

  • Tapping the arrow at the top of your screen before completing an entire sale will clear any amount previously recorded for this payment.

  • Note: There is no alert screen on the Square Terminal when payments are cancelled, so pay careful attention when splitting amounts on the Square Terminal.

Settle Payments In-App

After you’ve completed a payment with a signed receipt, you’ll need to settle the transaction and record the final payment amount. You have 36 hours to add a tip and settle the transaction.

After 36 hours, all unsettled payments will be automatically settled with a $0 tip. After a payment has been settled, the tip amount can’t be adjusted. Settled sign and tip payments will be included in your next transfer following your transfer schedule. They’ll also appear as completed in your in-app and online sales history and will be included in your Transactions CSV.

Note: If you’re using Team Management, employees can only settle payments they’ve processed by default. Employees with the permission Settle All Transactions Awaiting Tip enabled can settle any payment.

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