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Accept Payments with the Contactless + Chip Reader

Square’s standard processing fee of 1.9% per tapped, inserted or swiped transactions applies to all card payment types – chip cards, contactless, and magstripe. You can read more about how processing fees and rates are calculated.  

The contactless and chip reader connects to your device via Bluetooth Low Energy, so it’s compatible with a wide range of devices – even ones that don’t have a headphone jack.

Accept Chip + PIN Payments

When your customer is ready to checkout:

  1. Make sure your reader is connected with your device.

  2. Open the Square app, add items to your current sale, and then tap Charge. You can tap Charge before or after the chip card is inserted.

  3. Insert the chip card (chip-side first with the front of the card facing up) into the wide port on the top of your reader and turn the device screen to the customer for PIN entry.

  4. If prompted to select an account, please ensure your customer selects credit, cheque or savings.

  5. Once PIN has been entered, make sure the customer has tapped the blue tick button.

When you see four green lights on the reader and a confirmation message in the app, the payment has successfully completed and you can remove the chip card. 

Swipe a Chip Card

Since processing a payment using a chip is more secure than using the magstripe, you will only be able to swipe a chip card using the magstripe reader if the chip in your customer’s card cannot be read. You will need to attempt to insert the card 3 times before you can swipe.

Accept Contactless (NFC) Payments

Watch this video to learn how to accept contactless payments:

When you’re ready to charge your customer:

  1. Make sure your reader is connected with your device.

  2. From the Square app, add items to your current sale, and then tap Charge to prepare the reader for the payment.

  3. When you see one green light on the reader, it’s ready to take your customer’s payment. Ask your customer to hold their card over the reader to complete the sale.

Note: If you don’t see a green light, tap “Re-enable Apple Pay and Contactless” from the app.

When you see four green lights, hear a beep, and see a confirmation in the Square app, the payment has successfully completed.

Accept Magstripe Cards

To accept magstripe-only cards, use the included magstripe reader. Insert the reader into the headphone jack of your iOS or Android device and swipe the card. Note: Bank-issued eftpos cards without a chip can’t be read by the included magstripe reader.

For more information, review frequently asked questions about the contactless and chip reader

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