Square Glossary

Below, you’ll find definitions of terms that may be useful when using Square. 

Analytics Terms and Definitions

Review the list of analytics terms below to help you better understand your sales reports with Square.

Term Definition
Gross Sales Overall product sales in a period, including modifiers, taxes (GST) and discounts. This amount is not adjusted for refunds and doesn’t include tips collected on a sale.
Refunds Amount of product refunded in a given period. It excludes partial refunds and refunds of gift card sales.
Discounts Deductions applied at the time of sale. Discounts are calculated before tax and can be applied either as a percentage or dollar amount of the entire sale or to a specific item. Discounts applied to the sale of physical gift cards from Square are excluded.
Net Sales Gross sales amount, minus taxes and refunds. Net sales describe the overall product sales in a period, after the deduction of refunds and taxes.
Tax When creating items, you can choose to include GST. To see the specific tax applied for each sale, visit Transactions in your online Square Dashboard. From here, you can also view your tax report for a record of transactions with GST.
Tips Gratuity added to the transaction by your customers. This excludes cash tips because they’re not recorded in the Square app. See the specific tip applied for each card payment in the Transactions list.
Total Collected Total amount collected from the customer. Total collected includes net product sales in a given period, tax, tip, gift cards from Square sales and other cash rounding adjustments collected from the customer.
Average Total Sales The Total Sales (Net Sales + Tax + Tips + Gift Card Sales + Amount-Based Refunds) divided by the number of sales.

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