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Square Account FAQs

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about accepting payments with Square.

Square Readers

Can I accept chip cards payments with Square?

Yes. You can accept chip cards with the Square Chip Card Reader or the Contactless + Chip Reader.

Can I get another Square Reader?

Absolutely. Square Readers are universal and can be used with any Australian Square account on supported devices.

Readers are not linked to any specific account holder or their bank account, nor do they need to be activated. Your personal information will not be compromised if your reader is lost, stolen or shared between Square accounts.

Order one from the Square Shop, or pick one up at a retail location.

Why won’t my Square Reader read payment cards?

If you’re having trouble with your Square Chip Card Reader, check out our troubleshooting tips. If you have a Contactless + Chip Reader, view our troubleshooting tips.

You can also view some common reasons why a payment might fail.

Bank Account and Funds

How long does it take to link my bank account?

Once you’ve entered your bank information, Square will send and debit a small amount to and from your account (resulting in no difference to your balance). This is not a charge, but simply Square sending a verification deposit to confirm we can both send and retrieve money in case of refunds.

The entire bank verification process can take up to four business days, and we’re unable to expedite the process at this time. To check your bank verification status, visit your online Square Dashboard.

How do I link or edit my bank account?

Learn to link your bank account or update your current linked bank. 

When will my money be deposited?

Payments are sent to your linked bank account following our standard deposit schedule. If you accept transactions after 12.00am Melbourne time, set your close of day time after your businesses’ closing time to ensure you receive a single deposit for a full day’s business activity. A close of day after 12.00am will delay your deposit by one business day. Learn more about your deposit schedule options

Account Issues

Why can’t I sign in to my account?

Try these password troubleshooting steps.

Why can’t I view my online Square Dashboard?

Your online Square Dashboard can be accessed using a mobile browser, but full dashboard functionality is only available on web browsers. If you’re having trouble with your Square Dashboard on a laptop or desktop, you may be experiencing an issue with your Internet browser. 

How do I view my full sales history?

You can view a summary of your transactions and fees paid from your Square Dashboard online. 

How do I access my Square account from another device?

If you’ve purchased a new device, you can simply download the Square Point of Sale app and sign in to your existing account with the associated email address and password.

Learn more about: Point of Sale