Square Inventory

Free inventory management you can count on.

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Manage inventory anywhere

Sign in to your account at square.ca to access your Square Dashboard and handle your inventory from anywhere.

Really free

Square Inventory is another free tool in your Square Dashboard—no commitments, no long-term contracts, no surprises.

Know when you’re low

Receive a daily stock alert email detailing items that are low or out—so you always know how much you have in stock.


Square Inventory is designed to help you spend less time in front of the screen and more time with your customers.

Built for speed

Import thousands of products quickly with CSV spreadsheets. Add inventory easily whenever item counts need adjusting.

Download reports

Export your inventory stock levels at any time to a printable spreadsheet.

Stock alerts

Receive a daily email detailing items that are low or out of stock.

Sell with Square Point of Sale

Square Point of Sale turns a smartphone or tablet into a point of sale—and it’s free to download. It takes care of transactions, reports and more, so you can focus on your customers and your craft.

Work well with others

Connect your Square account to Stitch Labs to manage inventory across multiple channels—or use the Square APIs to create custom inventory solutions of your own.

Build your own

Create custom software solutions with the Square APIs. Hire a Square-preferred developer to help.

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