How to Get a Quebec City Business Licence

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Quebec City, one of North America’s earliest European settlements, lies in the heart of Quebec. It is also the capital of this French-speaking province. The St. Lawrence River signifies the soul of Quebec, with Quebec City on its northern bank.

The Quebec City metro area has a population of 844,000 and is one of the largest in Quebec — second only to Montreal. It’s a great place to start a business, but first, you must get a Quebec City business licence.

Applying for a Quebec City Business Licence

The Quebec Businesses page offers future business owners everything needed to start a business in Quebec, from concept and ideation, business plan creation, and financing options to business registration, tax obligations for new businesses, and beyond. Registration is required for anyone who wants to own and operate an establishment in Quebec City. Along with renewing the licence every year, owners must display it prominently for customers. You can face fines and compliance actions if you operate a business without the appropriate licensing documentation.

For a Quebec City business licence, you can apply online via the Start a Business service or in person, and you’ll need your ID and some information about your business. Regular registrations (for example, Regular registration for sole proprietorships costs $38) take about two weeks to receive your new business licence, depending on your industry type and whether your business requires inspections. However, you can receive your licence faster if you register as Priority ($57).

If you have general questions about Quebec City business licences or need to request changes to a current Quebec City business licence, visit a local Services Office.

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Types of Businesses Allowed in Quebec City

Businesses in the following categories are among those eligible to apply for business licences in Quebec City:

  • Retail stores
  • Professional firms
  • Home businesses
  • Bed and breakfasts

Visit BizPal for the complete list and any formalities regarding your specific business type.

Business Licence Fees in Quebec City

When applying for a Quebec City business licence, you must include the $38 application fee ($57 for Priority processing) and any required inspections or confirmation forms. Please note: business licence fees are not refundable, and you’ll need to file the appropriate GST/HST paperwork to obtain your GST/HST business number.

Business licence renewals and accompanying fees (equal to original business setup processing fees) are due before the renewal date. Licence renewal applications presented on or after the date of renewal are subject to a late payment fee. If you don’t renew your business licence on or before its expiration date, your current licence will be cancelled, and you’ll have to restart the application process.