9 Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Small Business in 2019

Moving into the new year means rethinking your current marketing tactics, and updating your marketing strategy. What is the most effective thing you can do? Take a good hard look at what hasn’t worked in the past year, and what you would like to focus on for growth in the future.

If you aren’t utilizing every social media network relevant to your audience, you could be missing out on sales.

In this guide, we give you our top tips for getting the most out of Facebook for your business. It’s a platform that connects over two billion people around the globe every single month. And it can be a powerful tool for finding potential customers, building relationships, and making those desired sales.

Here are nine things you can start doing right now to improve your reach across Facebook:

1. Create Contextual Content

There is huge value in content, but only if it is contextual and relevant to your audience. When you create content, it should reach the people who will be right for your business or product.

With Facebook’s powerful audience selection tools, you can show your ads to the people who are exactly right for your business. They are your core audience, those who are already looking for the kind of products you have to offer.

2. Improve Tactics to Reach This Core Audience

It is now possible to select custom targeted recipients for your ad on Facebook. You do this, based on a number of criteria or demographics: age, location, gender, hobbies, interests – and even the companies they are working for.

On Facebook for Business, you can define this “core audience.” Even though you cannot reach people based on personal information, the demographics we just listed are details that the audience has personally chosen to make public. Those details can be as broad as the type of films they watch or their choice of organic food.

3. Use Facebook IQ Data to Build Your Marketing Campaigns

Do you have a good understanding of how data gathered on your audience can inform your future campaigns? Successful strategies are the ones that get results. But only smart marketers who keep track of their audience’s data, and analyze and interpret it, will have the know-how to build up a good strategy.

The solution for this is Facebook IQ. It was built to give marketers those insights for truly effective online campaigns. With Insights To Go, you can easily access the data you need, then download and share it with your team.

4. Optimize Video Ads for Mobile Viewers

Video is already a huge part of advertising. You may assume that a video ad will turn people off to your product. On the contrary, however, Facebook recently found that user’s attitudes towards video ads are changing. According to Wyzowl’s Video Marketing Survey, 68% of people say they’d most prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video.

Viewers are now realizing that they are getting something worth their time, even though they may have to sit through a few seconds of an ad. They may get special access to valuable content, and this makes it a rewarding transaction. And many would rather have ads played instead of paying for access to gated content.

5. Focus on Better Storytelling, but Don’t Get Too Carried Away

If you are building video for content, you’re moving in the right direction. But here are some things to remember:

  • Balance your message and the time it takes to share it.
    The shorter, the better. If you can fit more of what you want to say in a shorter video clip, people are more likely to watch it, and then share it. We recommend 15-20 seconds.

  • Get creative with your video.
    Gain higher conversions by being different. This might mean using attractive video thumbnails as the first image those scrolling would see. It could involve hiring a third party to create more dynamic videos, or honing your editing chops to get a viewer to stop scrolling past your content.

6. Think of the Framing

Make it as easy as possible for people to interact. Video frames should be shot vertically, according to breadnbeyond, consumers look at their phones this way 94% of the time. The way you build your content should measure up to the way people are consuming it. A tiny tweak such as changing the framing of your video can mean a world of difference.

7. Retarget Ads, but Only to Your Most Engaged Viewers

One winning strategy that has proven successful is this: Once you have created your video content, retarget those who watched at least two minutes of it. Replay this for them, but this time with a sharp call to action. Your most engaged viewers will be those who become your customers. Keep note of them, and re-market to this bull’s-eye crowd.

8. Get Better and More Recommendations

Facebook now allows for Recommendations to business pages. This is where anyone can rate or write reviews of your business. Business tags are now an option for this section. Utilize this by encouraging those who support you and your brand to visit your business page and write those recommendations.

9. Have Fun

If you are able to insert an element of surprise and play into your marketing, you will engage the audience in a new way. And thinking with this type of creativity is what gives you an edge, keeping your product or business interesting. This element of fun is what makes the world’s best advertising campaigns the most successful.

This much is clear: In 2019, people’s mobile habits will evolve. Marketers need to be aware of this and always remain a step ahead. This is what will differentiate your message, and help you as an entrepreneur to cut through all that social media noise.

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