Axe Throwing: Not Just for Lumberjacks Anymore

The next time you feel like throwing in the towel at work, you might want to try throwing an axe instead. According to Jordan Monaghan, owner of Axe Throwing Calgary, this unlikely form of entertainment is actually an ideal way to relax with friends and bond with colleagues.

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Jordan founded the company last year after spending time throwing axes with friends on camping trips. “We thought, why don’t we bring this to Calgary in a fun, organized and safe way?” he recalls. “There are only so many unique things you can do in Calgary for entertainment, so we saw an opportunity to provide a new experience.”

He didn’t know how the city’s residents would react to the idea, but so far it’s a hit. “We have people participating in tournaments and coming back weekly to perfect their skills,” says Jordan.

Visitors to Axe Throwing Calgary can battle it out one-on-one or bring a group for more of a spirited competition. Groups of 10 to 40 people go head to head in a tournament-style competition, taking turns throwing an axe at the target inside an arena.

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Working with Square has helped the business hit a bullseye. Jordan uses the Square Stand, the Point of Sale app for iPad and Square Invoices to bill for upfront deposits from larger groups.

“As we grow, I know Square will stay on top of the trends to provide new features,” says Jordan. “It’s important to have partners who grow with us, and Square is built for people like us.”

Despite the success Axe Throwing Calgary has had so far, Jordan and his team are still experiencing a steep learning curve. “We’re a new company, so anything we do it’s the first time we’re doing it,” he admits. “We have to deal with challenges as they present themselves, and we won’t always have the perfect solution the first time around.”

But even on the most intense days, Jordan and the team have the perfect activity to help them let go of their worries. Luckily for them, stress relief is just an axe throw away.

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