On-Demand Delivery Pricing Policy

“Square Dispatch Fee” is a fixed per-transaction fee in the amount of one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50), that is charged by Square for each transaction that is fulfilled through the Service. This fee is taxable.

“DSP Delivery Fee” is a fee that is charged by the DSP for the delivery of the confirmed order. The DSP Delivery Fee varies depending on the DSP you choose:

  • Doordash: Fixed fee $8.50 per delivery for up to a 5 kilometer delivery radius (Note: Doordash does not support deliveries beyond a 5 kilometer radius).

Note: You will still be charged a processing fee per transaction for Square Online purchases.

The Square Dispatch Fee and DSP Delivery Fee may be charged directly to your customer or to you depending on how you structure your delivery fees.

Square reserves the right to modify and update the pricing set forth above upon prior written notice to you.