A Square vs. Shopify comparison.

What’s the best all-in-one POS system for you?

Everything you need to run your business, anywhere, anytime.

Square POS has all the tools you need to help reach your customers and grow your business, whether in person, online or both.

Square POS is made for selling in person and online.

Four things you can depend on with Square.

Whether you need a point of sale for your retail store, quick-service restaurant, beauty salon or on-the-go jobs, Square offers the reliability and ease of use every business needs.


Our interface is intuitive for you and your team to use. Access analytics and a variety of tools easily with a click of a button, and accept all payment types at checkout.


Our POS works seamlessly with our hardware and our rich ecosystem of products to help you manage your team, create loyalty points, send invoices and more.


Square POS and all our products are designed and tested to withstand the busiest checkouts. It’s built top to bottom by Square (in part by Square Canada’s engineers!) so it works just like it should.


We hate hidden fees and contracts. That’s why we never charge you for our POS system. You only pay when you take payment at one clear rate of 2.65% for all in-person credit cards or 0.75% + 7¢ per INTERAC chip and PIN or tap.

Why people choose Square over Shopify.

When comparing Square vs. Shopify POS, many people are drawn to the affordability and reliability of Square’s hardware and software, and the seamless integrations to support all aspects of your business.


Whatever comes next, you can handle it with Square. Add card readers, locations, team members and third-party apps (like QuickBooks), sync your online store, set up delivery partners and create custom POS solutions with Square APIs.


Square POS software is free. You only pay transaction fees when you take a card payment. There are no monthly fees, sign-up fees or PCI compliance fees.

Peace of mind

Square is the merchant of record, which means we handle PCI compliance. We also offer offline mode, so you can continue to take payments when your internet is temporarily unavailable.

“I’ve had multi-location inventory issues with other products, and am very happy to be using Square today! I like how intuitive Square for Retail is, allowing me to manage my inventory seamlessly.”

Courtney Wiens, Fortune + Favor

Frequently Asked Questions

(by people thinking about switching from Shopify to Square POS)

Is it easy to switch and migrate from Shopify POS to Square POS?

Yes, you can download the free app, import CSV files with your items or customer information and link to existing third-party software, like QuickBooks, quickly and easily.

Does Square integrate with Shopify?

There is not a Square Shopify integration, but it’s simple to switch from Shopify to Square.

Is Square POS expensive?

The opposite – it’s free to use. You just pay transaction fees at one rate for in-person credit cards (2.65%) or Interac debit (0.75% + 7¢) and if cards are not present (taking payments over the phone or online) the rate is 3.4% +15¢. There are no other fees or long-term contracts.

How do I get started? 

You can go from downloading Square POS to making your first sale in minutes by signing up for your free account here. Our hardware works out of the box with no configuration required.

How do I contact someone for support?

Our Support Centre can help with general questions, and once you have signed up for an account, you can contact someone via phone or email.

Will my staff know how to use it easily?

Square POS software is very intuitive. Most employers teach their new employees in a matter of minutes, not hours.

Does Square POS help me sell online and on social media?

You bet. Square POS lets you set up and sync your online store in no time at all. You can also sell gift cards online, and sell through social media with a couple of taps.

Does Square take care of inventory management?

Yes, sales from online and in person automatically update your inventory levels, and you automatically receive inventory alerts when you’re running low. It’s inventory management made easy. Learn more about our inventory management tools here.

Can Square help me grow from a small business to a big business?

Absolutely. Square is much more than the little white card reader. We’ve been a champion for small business from the start, and with our suite of feature-rich add-ons, you can pick and choose tools to suit the size of your business. You can manage teams, take payments in the field or at pop-ups and sell online through Square Online. You can sell in person safely with curbside, delivery or pickup, and get paid with invoices or even over the phone, so you can manage your business with ease and reach your customers everywhere.

Run your business online.

Whether or not your business has a brick-and-mortar location, building a robust online presence can help you engage customers from a distance.

  • Build your free website to take orders, sell goods, manage inventory and book appointments.
  • Accept every kind of payment and track all your sales in one place – from your online store, invoices, payments over the phone and in-person sales.
  • Sell online – including through Instagram – and offer pickup and delivery options.

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Square Point of Sale software is free to use – there are no setup fees or monthly fees. Only pay when you take a payment.

Processing rate


Per credit card tap or insert

0.75% + 7¢

Flat fee per Interac chip & PIN or tap

Hardware starting at


Monthly fee


No long-term commitments or contracts

Ask about a custom rate.

We can create custom pricing packages for some businesses that process more than $250K in card sales.

Get started free with Square Point of Sale.

Start selling in minutes
Sign up and start taking payments with Square in minutes. No bank visits or merchant accounts required.

Pay no extra fees
You only pay when you accept a card. That’s it. No setup fee, no monthly minimum fee, no compliance fee, no hardware rental fee.

Create your free account today.

Set up your POS system now and start selling in minutes.