We believe all businesses should be able to participate and thrive in the economy.

What started as a little white reader is now a powerful ecosystem of commerce solutions.

Since we first opened our doors in 2009, the world of commerce has evolved immensely – and so has Square. After enabling anyone to take a payment and never miss a sale, we saw sellers stymied by disparate, outmoded products and tools that wouldn’t work together. So we expanded into software and started building integrated, omnichannel solutions – to help sellers sell online, manage inventory, run a busy kitchen, book appointments, engage loyal buyers and hire and manage staff. And across it all, we’ve embedded financial services tools at the point of sale, so merchants can access a business loan and manage their cash flow all in one place.

Today, we’re a partner to sellers of all sizes – large, enterprise-scale businesses with complex commerce operations, sellers just starting out, as well as sellers who started out with Square and have grown larger over time. Whether it’s the food truck that’s establishing a brick & mortar restaurant, the former sole proprietor adding her first employees, or the entrepreneur expanding from one location to ten, as our sellers scale, so do our solutions. We all grow together.

And this growth is true in more and more countries around the globe. Square supports sellers from Australia to Ireland, Canada to Japan and across all 50 United States.

There is a massive opportunity in front of us. We’re building a business that is big, meaningful and lasting. And we are helping sellers around the world do the same.