Curated By Community: FAYT The Label

“The inspiration behind FAYT is 100% our amazing community of women. We do everything for them, we even open up our retail stores because they tell us to.”

— Brittney Saunders, Owner, FAYT The Label

Brittney Saunders picked up a digital camera in high school, started vlogging, and didn’t look back. Eventually amassing a following of more than 1 million people across her channels. “I was an influencer before the term influencer was even a thing,” Britt remarks. Little did she know, the invaluable experience gained working closely with brands would one day lead her to owning her own.

FAYT was one of Britt’s (many) ideas. She had tried everything in hopes of finding what she loved doing. FAYT started in her garage in Newcastle and has grown to become one of the most loved labels for Australian women, with four brick and mortar stores nationwide, a hugely popular online store, and an engaged community that every brand dreams of having at their fingertips.

Learn more about Britt’s story here.

Brittney Saunders,
Owner, FAYT

“When I started FAYT it was just one of those little business ideas that I thought I’d try. I didn’t think that one day FAYT could end up being the massive brand that it is today and that we would have tens of thousands of customers from all around the country and the world.”

Customised for how you run, sell and grow your business

“Square’s reporting has made it really easy for us to open more and more locations because it gives you such great insights into what are your best sellers, what are your slowest sellers, what you need the most stock of and what you need the least.”

As a quickly growing retail store, FAYT needed in-person tools that were simple to set up, use, and look good on the counter. Square for Retail gives you access to data filled reports which help you make key business decisions. From day-to-day operations, to informing stock quantities for your next store, all in one place.

  • Run real-time reports from any device and stay connected with Square for Retail.
  • Know how much inventory you’re moving and how much money you’re making in minutes. View all your reports from all sales channels right from your POS.
  • See which types of sales are driving revenue with topline metrics like cost of goods (COGS), total revenue, projected profit and margin with Square for Retail Plus.

“One of my favourite features is being able to use it [Square] when you’re out and about. You can jump on to see all of your inventory across however many locations you have.”

Keeping track of stock in-store and on-the-go

When FAYT first started they didn’t have barcodes. Managing stock was a manual process, adding extra time for staff members in-store and in the warehouse. Since implementing barcodes with Square, FAYT has streamlined their processes, giving time back to spend with their customers.

  • With Square for Retail Plus, you can create and print barcode labels from the Square Dashboard or your Square Point of Sale.
  • Transform your iPhone into a barcode scanner, allowing you to look up products at another store, or checkout customers from the shop floor.
  • Save time by enabling multiple employees to conduct a stocktake at the same time. Pause counting without losing the products already scanned, and save your progress as you go.

“In the early days of FAYT we did not have any barcodes. It being a manual process and having to look everything up by its name. Since implementing with Square it has made it so streamlined. You now just click the scanner, it pops up on the screen, you can scan in stock and it’s just so much easier.”

Know your customers and grow your business

FAYT uses Square Loyalty to reward their customers for every dollar they spend. Encouraging them to come back in-store.

  • Choose the number of points earned per dollar spent or item purchased, and the reward your customer receives.
  • Run points promotions on certain items or categories, and let customers check their rewards anytime, with automated loyalty text messages
  • Sign up customers digitally at checkout with no physical punch card required. Customers can then accrue points, and redeem gifts from any of your stores.

“We use the Square Loyalty program in store. It takes two seconds for our customers to sign up and then it rewards them for every dollar that they spend.”

— Brittney Saunders, Owner, FAYT

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